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IronE Singleton Used Own Life Experience as ‘T-Dog’

IronE Singleton

“It was bittersweet but more sweet, I have been a part of the biggest show in cable TV history, at that time"

Dead Talk Live welcomed IronE Singleton, who starred as Theodore Douglas, “T-Dog” in the AMC series “The Walking Dead” for three seasons.

When asked how did the atmosphere change from season to season leading up to Singleton’s final season on the hit AMC show, IronE responded:

IronE Singleton
IroneE Singleton on “The Walking Dead”

“On season one, everyone’s like we were just working another job when we premiered at 6.4 million viewers. When we got back on set for season 2, we all thought this is awesome. By season 3, we were family; we had bonded. He said for him the bonding started it season one.”

In season 1, episode 2 called “Guts,” what was it like working played (Michael Rooker) who played Merle, “Oh, such an emotionally intense scene,” he added. 

“I was working with a living legend; I was excited to put my acting chops to work against someone I highly respected. I get to go toe to toe with Michael Rooker.”

Asked to describe emotions on the set when Jeffrey DeMunn, who played the beloved character, Dale, decided to leave the show:

“It was somber, but it was apart of what brought us all closer together. And I believe it was (Sara Wayne Callies), that played Lori, who coined the phrase, We Are The Walking Dead. Us against the world, we’re gonna make it happen.”

Dead Talk Live Host Viz asked IronE about shooting the scene with Axel (Lew Temple) and Oscar (Vincent Ward) of what was going through T-Dog’s mind, trying to convince the others to let the guys into their group, IronE said, 

“I was looking at it as a realistic perspective because we as human beings need each other to survive. And if we can’t rely on each other, we’re doomed anyway. Humanity is doomed if we can’t rely on our fellow brothers or a fellow sister. It was just not a way for society to prosper.”

What compelled T-Dog to sacrifice himself to lead Carol (Melissa McBride) to Safety?

IronE Singleton
IroneE Singleton on “The Walking Dead”

“Love and compassion, and part leaving Merle on the roof, it’s all intertwined because that’s what tied in his love for the group, his love for Axel and Oscar because we’re all interconnected.” 

So, how did Singleton react to the news that his time on the show was coming to an end? This is how IronE described the mixed emotions he was faced with:

“It was bittersweet but more sweet. I have been a part of the biggest show in cable TV history at that time. I was there from the beginning and met so many beautiful people, Within the cast within the Crew. With the fans around the world, That’s why it was so sweet to be a part of it. Bitter, because I’m leaving my family behind, My second family in a sense, and all the memories.”

IronE also implied that the Walking Dead’s first season was the “most fun” he had shooting the hit TV series.

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