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Afraid You Will Miss A Movie Release? You Should Be!


Hollywood Studios are Scrambling to Find Ways of Letting the Public Know about Upcoming New Film Releases

Remember the days of watching movie trailers in commercials? Do you remember the last time you stumbled upon an upcoming film trailer by accident? Well, I certainly do, and I can honestly say that it’s been a while.

Movie Trailers
Movie Trailers

Hollywood Studios would always set aside a budget to market films close to their public release date. On big-budget films, teasers would start being dropped before filming is even close to being finished, i.e., “The Batman.” We are not talking about a couple of thousands of dollars either. Millions of dollars would be reserved for marketing in television commercials, internet ads, and any other big medium.

Now that movie theaters are operating at a limited capacity (and I am vastly understating that) due to the ongoing Covid pandemic still raging worldwide, Hollywood studios are scrambling to figure out how to let the public know about their upcoming movie releases. The majority of which are Video-on-Demand releases. So it would seem that they are justing holding on to those marketing dollars to mitigate some financial losses.

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I recently interviewed Horror Legend “Scream Queen” Barbara Crampton, where this exact topic came up. When I raised the question on the plan for letting the public know of upcoming movie releases, the answer I received back shocked me. Quite simply, the answer was “word of mouth.” Word of mouth advertising has always been one of the most reliable forms of advertising, which is why user reviews are so important, and why big companies make such a fuss about them. But still, it raises another question, is it enough?

For the time being, the answer to that question seems to be that it has to be enough. At least till a better option comes along.

In the last several weeks, I have come across some horror gems that, if it weren’t for me spending a significant amount of time browsing what’s available on a variety of streaming networks, I would never have found. That is just a plain and simple fact! Movies such as “Host,” “Welcome to Mercy,” and “The Devil’s Doorway,” to name a few that glaringly pop out at me.

Obviously, Hollywood hasn’t been able to figure this out yet, so I would love to hear everyone’s suggestions on correcting this.

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