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CBS ‘Clarice’ Timeline Confusion


On February 11th, CBS will premiere its highly anticipated new series "Clarice," starring Rebecca Breeds as Clarice Starling

Rebecca Breeds and Michael Cudlitz “Clarice”

CBS is getting ready to premiere its highly anticipated new series “Clarice.” Based upon “Silence of the Lambs” character FBI Agent Clarice Starling.

Clarice Starling’s character was first introduced on the big screen by Jodie Foster in the award-winning movie “Silence of the Lambs” which earned her an Academy Award in 1991 for Best Actress in a Leading role. The movie also co-starred Anthony Hopkins, who won the Best Actor award in a Leading Role for his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in the same 1991 hit movie.

Julianne Moore portrayed Clarice Starling in the 2001 sequel to “Silence of the Lambs” called “Hannibal.” Since then, Clarice Starling has gone silent, until now. On February 11th, CBS will premiere its newest series aptly called “Clarice,” 20 years after Foster first brought the character to life. This time Clarice is going to be played by TV Star Rebecca Breeds.

Along with Rebecca Breeds, “Clarice” is also going to feature two alumni’s from the hit series “The Walking Dead” in Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford) and Jayne Atkinson (Georgie). Jayne Atkinson has also appeared on numerous hit shows such as “House of Cards,” “Madam Secretary,” and “24,” to name a few.

Other stars appearing on “Clarice” will include Reoul Bhaneja (Blindspot), Lucca De Oliveira (Seal Team), Devyn A. Tyler (The Purge), Kal Penn (Designated Survivor), Nick Sandow (Orange Is the New Black), and newcomer Maya McNair.

Initially, some confusion about the timeline “Clarice” would follow in respect to “Silence of the Lambs.” Let’s be honest, “One year after the Hannibal Lecter events” is not very clear. But apparently, the show’s producers have come out and clarified the confusion.

“Clarice” will be taking place one year after the events seen on “Silence of the Lambs.” The show will take place in 1993 when Clarice returns to the FBI after taking one year off after the Lecter events. Does that mean that the movie “Hannibal” is going to be totally disregarded? We have no idea and probably won’t, at least not till February 11th.

Rebecca Breeds “Clarice”

Clarice Starling returns to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit to pursue Serial Killers, Sexual Predators while navigating Washington D.C’s political landscape. The show is going to have a huge supporting cast with some top-notch names filling those roles.

Filming for “Clarice” started in the early fall of 2020 in Toronto, Canada. From the looks of the trailer, it will definitely be worth checking out.

Here’s the official Trailer for “Clarice,” premiering February 11th, 2021, on CBS.

CBS “Clarice” Official Trailer

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