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Adrienne Barbeau ‘Escape from New York’ to Join Dead Talk Live

Adrienne Barbeau

Legendary Actress Adrienne Barbeau From Such Films as "The Fog," "Escape from New York," and "Swamp Thing" Will Join Dead Talk Live on February 22nd for an Exclusive Interview

With a career spanning back to the ’70s, Adrienne Barbeau has appeared in countless Movies and TV Shows. There is very little doubt that her biggest break came when she met John Carpenter, and his decision to cast her in his Hit Movies, including “The Fog” and “Escape from New York” was a career changer for Adrienne.

Escape From New York
Adrienne Barbeau in “Escape from New York”

In John Carpenter’s 1980 “The Fog,” Barbeau played radio station Owner and Host Stevie Wayne who ended up becoming one of the movie heroes as she used her radio show to guide people to safety while battling The Evil that laid within “The Fog.”

In 1981 Carpenter cast Adrienne Barbeau again to play the role of Maggie in the hit “Escape from New York.” A companion to Harry Dean Stanton’s character Brain. Stanton’s Brain played former foe to the Movie’s Lead Star, Snake Plissken, played by Kurt Russell.

Adrienne Barbeau’s other notable roles include movies like “Swamp Thing,” 1982’s “Creepshow,” “Exorcism at 60,000 feet,” as well as countless appearances on different TV Shows throughout the years. 

Adrienne Barbeau will join Dead Talk Live’s host Viz for an exclusive interview Monday, February 22nd starting at 9:30 PM Eastern U.S. Time.

You can submit your questions for Adrienne at Dead Talk Live’s website using their submission form.

“Escape from New York” Official Trailer

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