Eleanor Matsuura, Yumiko, Describes Her Introduction to The Walking Dead and Fate to Come.

By Lisa Mandy and John Vizaniaris

Eleanor Matsuura

On October 21st, 2020 Eleanor Matsuura sat down for an Interview with Dead Talk Live to Discuss The Commonwealth, Yumiko, and Season 11.

Your first scene is right after we see Rick Grimes’s last scene on the show. Was that shot before or after Andrew Lincoln had already left?

We shot it after he left, It was very strange because he wasn’t part of the show he was the show, The remnants of him was everywhere, They still talk about him every day On the set from the costume, to the makeup Department.

Since you all premiered together did you form a special bond with Angel, Dan, Lauren, Nadia, and Cailey?

There was they’re really really, They held on to one another for support, It worked for the dynamic of the group coming into the story. 

But the person that  I Admired the most was Cailey, When she went to put on the hat and said I’m Judith, Judith Grimes, With no acting required. She’s really an extraordinary actress. 

Did any of the cast members reach out to you guys to welcome you into the family?

Eleanor Matsuura

(Avi Nash) who played Siddiq, He had gotten welcomed when he first comes in, He said it’s my duty to pass it on to you guys because Andy isn’t here and he’s the one that used to do that. I want to take you all out and we will get to know each other and talk about the show in some of the scenes. 

After coming from a community that failed. what was it about Alexandria, Hilltop that made you go from skepticism to I believe this could work?

It’s about Hope, We kinda pull more towards the characters that have hope, Because we’ve seen people fail us communities fail, For that small percentage chance that is good, and that it works, humanity is restored. 

We heard that some of the cast and crew were learning American Sign Language, on the show, to Communicate with Connie and Kelly, is that accurate?

It’s so true, I love it, (Lauren) Connie, she is so patient working with me, She teaches me and helps me. That ASL is a very cool way to communicate in the apocalypse, safely communicate, in this environment it’s a weapon.

Eleanor Matsuura

What was going through Yumiko’s mind when she sees Magna walking amongst the horde?

I had told Greg I didn’t want to see Nadia before the scene was shot, I hadn’t seen her in life, or characters on the show for a long time. When I finally see her, I thought she had been bit and now was a Walker. We got it in one take.

Yumiko, The Walking Dead

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