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‘Host’ Why Virtual Seances Are NOT A Good Idea


Living in quarantine definitely sparks the human imagination. In "Host," that human ingenuity did not work out so well...

by John Vizaniaris

“Host” Gemma

We’ve all been living it in the real world, so there’s no need to put yourself in the character’s shoes. Living in quarantine, separated from our friends and family. That is just one of the many reasons which make the Horror Movie “Host” so damn good. It uses our current real-world reality as a backdrop for this chilling virtual seance Paranormal Movie.

Starring virtual unknowns such as Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise Webb, and a few more. It’s worthy of mentioning that they all play themselves in “Host.” The entire movie is one big Zoom Session.

No one can argue that Zoom has benefited tremendously from the ongoing Pandemic, but I wonder how they felt about their platform being used as a gateway for evil to come into this world?

“Host” star Haley Bishop hires a professional Medium to lead a virtual seance (though by the Medium’s own admission, she has never quite done it this way). Haley invites five of her friends to join in. Some are nervous, while others think it’s a complete joke.

Needless to say, things start to go wrong very quickly, especially when the six participants start to ignore the rules laid out by the Medium. The Zoom session turns from your average friendly banter to “did you see that” till finally it reaches sheer terror.

I have seen this movie several times already but that last minute of "Host" still has me jumping out of my seat.

Horror Movie “Host”

“Host” has its share of the Paranormal Horror sub-genres, scary knocks, bumps, and doors unexpectedly opening and closing, but one thing that makes “Host” stand out is the amount of gore that is shown in the movie. Another stand out is that the movie is less than one hour long, which proves that a film does not have to be at least 90 minutes long, even to be worthy of watching.

If you are a fan of Horror and especially Paranormal Horror and are looking for a good movie to watch while in quarantine, “Host” is a Dead Talk Live recommended “Must Watch” movie. You can find “Host” streaming on Shudder and is also available to rent/buy on all major Video-on-Demand Services.

“Host” Official Trailer

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