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‘Host’ (2020) Haley Bishop To Join Dead Talk Live

Host Movie

"Host" Proves You Don't Need A Big Budget To Produce Quality Entertainment.

Host” was one of the best-rated horror movies of 2020 by both fans and critics. The 58-minute film dives into a virtual séance conducted via Zoom that goes horribly wrong. “Host” stars Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise Webb, Radina Drandova, and more. Directed, Produced, and Written by Rob Savage.

Host 2020
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Proving that a movie does not need to fit into a pre-determined “Box” full of clichés and meet a minimum running time, “Host” will be remembered as the movie that busted through those barriers. Proving that good writing, good acting, and excellent execution by the “behind-the-camera” crew is what it takes to put together quality Entertainment, not just for the Horror Entertainment Industry but all movies and TV. Big budget films look out!

Playing out in our current real-world scenario of living under quarantine. “Host” shows the extent that human beings are willing to turn to maintain our connection to one another. Sometimes good intentions do not have good outcomes.


In “Host” Good Intentions Do Not Always Lead To Good Outcomes


The séance in “Host” is arranged by the film’s star Haley Bishop. An “Expert” is supposed to help with the process, but she mysteriously gets cut off, leaving the group to fend for themselves. Some of the participants not taking the séance seriously initially quickly change as unexplainable events begin to occur.

Haley Bishop, star of “Host,” (2020) will be joining Dead Talk Live’s Host Viz for a one-hour interview on February 23rd starting at 4 PM Eastern U.S. Time.

“Host” is a Shudder Original Movie. If you wish to submit questions for Haley, you can do so at Dead Talk Live’s official website DeadTalkLive.com using their submission form.

“Host” (2020) Movie, Haley Bishop

“Host” Official Trailer

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