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Scream 5 Expectations

Scream Movie

With So Much Anticipation, Will Scream 5 Live Up To Expectations?

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Well, I, for one, have many, but the Scream franchise always finds a way to top my list. Growing up, I became a fan of the movies. The excitement and anticipation I have waiting for the fifth film in the series grow hungrily every day. 2022 cannot get here fast enough for me. It doesn’t make it any better when there are fan theories and “spoilers” floating around the internet, making my head spin. To share my excitement, here are my top theories that I hope are true about the film coming out next year! And yes, there will be spoilers from previous movies.

1. Kirby Being Alive



I know this is probably far-fetched, but in Scream 4, I think Kirby survived. I liked Kirby, and I believe that she was probably the most realistic character in that film. Her charismatic attitude drew me in. The audience never saw her die properly. Even though the actress Hayden Panettiere isn’t credited on Scream 5, I believe it could happen! So many fans were upset about Kirby’s fate. It’s not too late to change it!

2. Sidney being Ghostface

If Scream 5 is the official ending to the franchise, Sidney being Ghostface wouldn’t be a bad idea. I believe that this would shock the audience to their core. Who would have thought Sidney would be the killer this time? Sidney survived and outsmarted every Ghostface in the past. If she was the killer this time, no one would suspect it. What would her motives be if she was the killer, though? Interesting to think about.

3. The Original cast being killed off

Sydney “Scream”

Now Scream fans are well aware of how the franchise can successfully pull off a plot twist. What if Sidney, Gale, and Dewey all get killed off in Scream 5? Maybe in the opening scene? The series knows how to kick off an outrageous opening scene. That would blow my mind for sure.

4. Randy’s the Mastermind

We all saw Randy die in Scream 2 horribly, but get this, maybe he faked his death. Randy has a pretty solid knowledge of horror movies and their rules. What if he is the Mastermind of it all? The ultimate endgame to the franchise. Maybe he wanted to create his own horror movie. Scream movies are known to get more meta every film. It would be a full-circle moment.

Some of these might be a little over the top, but a fan can dream! You never know what to expect with the Scream movies. On January 14, 2022, fans will have the opportunity to finally watch the franchise’s fifth installment!

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