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Horror Found Footage Movie ‘Followed’

"Followed" (2018)

Behind The Scenes With Matthew Solomon In "Found Footage" Horror Movie "Followed."

“Followed” DropTheMike actor Matthew Solomon talks behind the scenes on the “Footage” Horror Film.

Matthew Solomon recently shared his experience working with Director Antoine Le and Writer Todd Klick in the Horror Movie “Followed.”

Matthew Solomon
Matthew Solomon in “Followed”

In a recent interview with Dead Talk Live, Matthew Solomon revealed that Caitlin Grace (Nic), Tim Drier (Chris), and himself were cast in the movie before there was even a script.

The Film is entirely shown through a single screencast recorded by an unknown individual. The audience is shown a series of Vlogs made by DropTheMike, a controversial Vlogger who disappeared shortly after visiting the Lenox Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Halloween weekend. 

To receive a 250,000 dollar sponsorship, DropTheMike is required to reach 50,000 total subscribers before the end of the Halloween weekend. Letting his subscribers pick the haunted location (Not a good idea) landed him in the fictional “Lennox Hotel” located in downtown Los Angeles. Plagued with suicides, murders, prostitution, and drug overdoses since the hotel’s opening. For the ambitious DropTheMike, this is the best place to achieve this goal.

It’s worth noting that the Lennox Hotel used in “Followed” is inspired by the real-life Cecil Hotel as well as the now-infamous Elisa Lam disappearance and death at the Cecil Hotel.

Followed Promo
“Followed” Promo

Matthew stated that he loved the concept of being cast in a project and have the script written with the Actor’s strengths in mind. It made the dialogue very natural and smooth. And you get to experience the whole creative process as well. 

Matthew also shared that Todd Klick, the writer for “Followed”, is very open to ideas. He is completely fine with the Actors to ad-lib and to constantly be improvising on the set. 

For the role, Solomon studied various popular YouTube channels like PewDiePie to make-up tutorials to get the feel on how he wanted to portray the character.

“How many times in your life do you get to scream at the top of your lungs as if you’re being chased by a murderer? And hopefully, it never happens for real (laugh).”

Matthew Solomon
Matthew Solomon in “Followed”

“Followed” took 12 days to shoot, with one day off in the middle. They filmed in 2 different hotels as the production team needed certain interior shots for the hotel room, hallways, and roof. They asked and were denied permission to film at the actual Cecil Hotel. 

Matthew also noted that he was lucky enough to live just 15 minutes from the Hotels, which meant he did not have to spend the night at the locations.

To Matthew’s surprise, the movie received a theatrical release. This movie just ran only with a shoestring budget and a couple of new actors around the industry. Thank you, Director Antoine Le and Producer Matthew Brewbaker, for hustling and pushing this movie as far as possible to get it released in theaters and Video-on-Demand.

As the movie was released during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also impacted by it, causing the film to not get the attention it otherwise might have received. Luckily “Followed” was very well received in various film festivals, even earning Mathew Solomon the “Best Actor” award at the Burbank Film Festival.

Could there be a sequel?

A “Followed” sequel would probably pick up with another Vlogger, but will we get to see DropTheMike again?

“I will threaten them multiple times if they are not going to put me in the script! (laugh) We will have to see about that. “

This little project’s success is achievable, thanks to fans who are passionate about the Horror Genre. Without them, this project likely would have fallen flat. 

Watch Matthew Solomon talk about his Horror Movie “Followed” in his interview with Dead Talk Live below:

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