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Inspiration for ‘The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It’

The Conjuring 3

The Real Life Murder And Trial That Inspired The Next Chapter In "The Conjuring Universe"

Horror fans are ready for the next chapter in the “Conjuring” franchise bearing the title “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.” For some time, we have been longing for another film. We can never have enough of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are the best dark spirit fighting dynamic duo. As you may already know, Ed and Lorraine are people who went through real paranormal fighting experiences. Their passion for fighting evil spirits saved many people from horrible paranormal attacks.

The Conjuring 3
“The Conjuring 3” Ed and Lorraine Warren

We have followed Ed and Lorraine Warren through a pair of films in the “Conjuring” franchise. “The Conjuring” (2013) and “The Conjuring 2” (2016) are based on their true stories. Both films depict Ed and Lorraine’s dark journey while helping real families experiencing terrifying supernatural events. Ed and Lorraine take on a different challenge in the anticipated film “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” (also known as “The Conjuring 3”), set for release on June 4, 2021.

“The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” is based on a true story. This chapter is based on the famous 1981 trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. Why is this trial special enough to have Ed and Lorraine Warren take part? Because the trial convicted a man named Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who claimed he was possessed by the devil when he murdered his landlord. Hence the name of the film “The Devil Made Me Do It.”

In trial hearings, Arne Cheyenne Johnson claimed that he became possessed after he helped challenge the devil to leave 11-year-old David Glatzel’s body during an exorcism. And who was there performing the exorcism, non-other than Ed and Lorraine Warren. According to Ed and Lorraine, David had become possessed by multiple demons that led to series of exorcisms. Allegedly, Johnson became possessed by one of the Demons after challenging it to possess him instead.

Conjuring 3
“The Conjuring 3” Set

After the exorcism, under demonic possession, Arne Cheyenne Johnson murdered his landlord. He was taken to jail and trialed. Johnson stuck to the story of him being possessed by the devil while he murdered his landlord. To his defense, Ed and Lorraine Warren argued that they witnessed Johnson become possessed. Even though Johnson’s case caused much attention, he was convicted 5 years in prison of a 10 to 20-year sentence.

Hopefully, we catch some insight into the actual happenings of the “Devil Made Me Do It” trial. Ed and Lorraine Warren never let us down when it comes to fighting the supernatural. There is never a dull moment when it comes to the two. “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” comes with an interesting plot that is hard to believe. Soon we will witness the events that made the trial come to life.

The Conjuring 3 Official Trailer

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