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The Real Perron Family From ‘The Conjuring’

Perron Family

What The Perron Family Had To Endure While Living In The Farmhouse Made Famous In "The Conjuring"

Meet the Perron family, father Roger, mother Carolyn, and their five daughters, Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cindy, and April. In 1971 the Perron family moved into the farmhouse they bought in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The farmhouse had vast space to raise their five daughters. Never imagining the things that would take place over the decade they lived there. The farmhouse made famous in the movie “The Conjuring.”

Andrea Perron, the oldest daughter, has written 3 volumes of “House of Darkness House of Light.” She would describe the farmhouse as an ideal place to live, even if the sisters had to share bedrooms. One-night, things began to happen. At first, none of the family thought anything of it being supernatural.

Perron Daughters
Perron Daughters

Andrea mentions that some things happened in that house that she would never tell anyone, not her parents, not her sisters, not even her best friends. Andrea went on to say the séance we saw in the movie was the most terrifying night of her life.

Over the next 9 years, the Perron family learned there was no veil between the physical and the paranormal world. Doors slammed, beds shook, and once in a while, apparitions would appear. Once in a while, they were physically harmed by spirits who wanted to make themselves known. The youngest daughter, April, started having conversations with a little boy that was a ghost. His name was Oliver Richardson. She didn’t know he didn’t belong in this world.

Most of the spirits were harmless, but one had a grudge against the mother, Carolyn Perron. One afternoon, Mrs. Perron was sitting on the couch resting and felt a terrible pain in her leg. She couldn’t understand why she looked and saw a round mark on her calf, pouring out blood. Carolyn suffered abuse that ranged from being pinched to being slapped from time to time.

Roger Perron said he would feel an invisible hand touching him with lust. He would sometimes feel a hand on his back and turn around, and there was no one there. That’s when he started putting it together. The family learned about the woman that used to live next door, Bethsheba Sherman. She was married, and it was said she had 4 children, and according to local folklore, she killed her children and offered them to the devil. It was hard to confirm, but she was however accused of killing one of her babies. They couldn’t prove that she did it, but suspicions were raised in the peculiarity of the way the baby died. It was found with a large sewing needle pierced in its head.

Bethsheba would also starve and beat the farm staff. Due to this information, they started believing it was her presence that was disturbing the Perron family.

Perron Farmhouse
Perron Farmhouse

The night that the Warrens arrived at the home, they brought a medium with them. Andrea and her sister Cindy hid nearby and watched the medium conjure up a spirit. She attacked Carolyn, was picked up, and thrown into another room, getting body-slammed to the ground. They believed that the medium opened a door that she could never close.

According to Andrea Perron, more research was done on the history of the property. Finding out that at least a dozen people had committed suicide or suffered a tragic death on the property.

The Perron family lived in that farmhouse for 10 years. They didn’t have the means to move out. Having to endure all of the house’s occurrences, similar to what we saw in The Conjuring. Once the Warrens arrived, it was said that it got worse, but Bethsheba left Carolyn alone after they left.

Andrea Perron’s novel was turned into a film in 2013. Same name as books, “Andrea Perron: House of Darkness House of Light.”

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