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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Review

I Still Know What you did last summer

A Summer I'd Rather Forget

The film, I Still Know what you Did Last Summer (1998) is a cheap sequel with elements such as boring dialogue, no back tingling chills, and literally no horror whatsoever. My interpretation of this sequel to the 90s cult classic is that one movie was enough.

The dialogue in this sequel is so boring. All the characters are so monotone and lifeless, that a zombie could possibly read the lines and do better than the actors that played these characters. They literally had no emotion and no scare factor. It was like watching a zombie movie if the zombies actually lived and became apart of society. 
I Still Know What you did last summer
The acting in I Still Know What you did Last Summer is so abysmal, I cannot believe I watched this film. You would think with actors like Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar that they could have made a better movie than when they starred in Scooby Doo (2002) together. There is also no horror in this film either. The only fear I got from watching this movie was thinking of falling asleep before I could write this review. There was no jump scares or any of the things that would make someone even remotely scared during watching this film. Sequals man, people really need to write them better, or in this case, not write them at all.

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