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The Unholy and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The Unholy Trailer Proves Jeffrey Dean Morgan to be Horror’s Most Marketable Leading Man

Sam Raimi has been the most prominent horror producer of the last two decades. This has seen the rise of numerous horror directors attempting to take the spotlight to stand out and make something spectacular and new. With The Unholy (2021), it sees former Disney screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoluos make his own splash in the horror genre. The trailer promises sufficient intrigue and horror, as the film follows an investigative journalist, Gerry Fern, looking into a series of miracles inspired by the appearance of the Virgin Mary. Gerry Fern in the film is played by the leading man of horror Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Morgan is no stranger to the genre as he has seen a rise to popularity thanks to appearances as John Winchester in Supernatural and Negan in The Walking Dead.

Morgan has appeared in numerous horror films and television series. He has even appeared in the Sam Raimi produced The Possession. Morgan has garnered a large fanbase as the actor stands to be much more charismatic and intriguing than his numerous co-stars. He has taken smaller roles in what would be well done, but arguably unimpactful films and adds an element to it that makes it memorable. The Unholy looks to be another intriguing horror film with an interesting concept, and with Morgan it’s already something many horror fans can look at as being worth the price of admission. Morgan’s natural talent as an actor has given him a horror marketability that makes anything he is in stand out as having higher quality just for having him. 

Morgan is an actor that has been able to bring attention to such obscure projects. Fantastic films and television shows that might be gaslighted by the constant stream of content we are bombarded with on a daily basis have been brought to mass attention thanks to Morgan. He’s taken a role in modern pop culture, like Bruce Campbell in the 90s. Be it a charming hero, a fun to spot cameo, or playing the most charismatic villain, Morgan has emerged as the A-list horror attraction of our time. Bruce Campbell still stands as the beloved “King of B-Movie Cinema,” but his effect on the horror industry could be matched by Morgan’s equally charismatic performances. With The Unholy we wait to see how the project fairs, but with Morgan’s involvement it’s already on a must watch list for many horror fans.

The Unholy Jeffrey

It’s good that Horror has such a figure like Morgan to help bring light to these projects. So many fantastic horror films and series have gone unnoticed by the public just because of poor marketing and unimaginative trailers that failed to capture audience intrigue. Furthermore, the concept of “Stars” in Hollywood has been outdated. Few movies can truly market themselves based on its main star, but with horror the tide seems to be fixed on the notion. 2018’s Halloween reboot stood out thanks to the headlining name of Jamie Lee Curtis, A Quiet Place (2018) stood on the publicity of the double act of directing and starring John Krasinski. Right now, horror is the last genre of Hollywood standing on the concept of movie stars. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the A-list force that horror gets to claim. With his career tied so intricately to horror itself it gives hope for any future horror project looking to get properly noticed.

Morgan can help evolve horror films and bring back the notion of movie stars. His stunning work in The Walking Dead has only helped him gain more popularity as he has become the series most charming and intriguing character. Horror movies are making a big comeback to the big screen and it is reviving the notion of movie stars with its own A-list icon. While most might think the concept is archaic, some of the best Hollywood hits came from the movie star-era, and seeing horror bring it back is a wonderful thing. The Unholy continues to prove that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the most marketable man working in the horror genre. Whether it be in television or in film, Morgan’s effect on the genre is undeniable.

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