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The Roommate Analysis

The Roommate

The Roommate and why it is succeeds

In the movie The Roommate (2011), one girl named Sara, played by Minka Kelly, moves to Los Angeles for college. There she meets her roommate, Rebecca, played by Leighton Meester, who seems nice at first, but like any horror movie, things take a dark turn. 

One day Sarah meets up with her new friend, Tracy, and things seem to be going well until Rebecca is unkind to Tracy due to accidentally being called “Becca” and she snaps at Tracy and says she only goes by “Rebecca”. That night, Tracy and Sara and their other friend, Irene, come home for a party. That night while Tracy is in the communal bathrooms, a hooded figure comes in, and it is there where we see the hooded figure is Rebecca, who then threatens Tracy never to speak to Sara again as she only wants Sara to herself and proceeds to cut her earring out of her ear! 

This ultimately ends the friendship between Sara and Tracey and we never see Tracy after this scene. Later, we see that the kitten that was brought home into their dorm by Sara earlier in the film is meowing while Sara is out touring apartments with Irene. We see Rebecca get jealous and put the kitten in the dryer, where it blows up due to the heat. Once she is done with the apartment tours, Sara gets a call from Rebecca in tears saying “The cat snuck into the dryer and whacked the button with its tail”. Sara forgives her until she sees that she is wearing the necklace that her deceased sister gave her, but she still decides to keep living with her.

The Roommate

During Thanksgiving break, both girls go to Rebecca’s house where Sara finds out that Rebecca’s parents are afraid of her and that she forgot the meds that are meant to treat her borderline personality disorder, which explains her psychopathic tendencies. They both go home after this and decide to get tattoos. The tattoo that Sara gets is something simple like a flower, while the one that Rebecca gets is the same one that Sara has on her neck: the name of Sara’s dead sister. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, breaking all trust and contact between the two roommates. 

As she is moving out as fast as she can, Sara and her boyfriend go upstairs to see that Rebecca is there with Irene who’s being held hostage by Rebecca. As they all try to escape, Rebecca knocks Sara’s boyfriend out, meaning it is up to Sara to untie Irene and escape from the murderous and dangerous Rebecca. After lots of fighting and things being thrown, Rebecca meets her demise when she is shot in the back by someone in the room. Sara leaves the body in her former dorm, and she leaves without leaving a trace of anything but her former roommate’s body. 

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