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Bloodthirsty – A Musician’s Review


Bloodthirsty Will Quench Your Thirst For Horror

Bloodthirsty (2020), written by Wendy Hill-Tout, and Lowell, stars Lauren Beatty (Bleed with Me), Greg Bryk (V wars, Bitten), and Katharine King So (Transplant). A 2020 film fest darling, the long-awaited horror film was released to streaming and Video On Demand, April 23, 2021.

Canadian director Amelia Moses (Bleed with Me, Fear Haus) crafts an eerie tale that marries aspects of a psychological thriller with a good old-fashioned creature feature. As indie singer and songwriter Grey struggles to top her debut album, she partners with an eccentric and mysterious music producer, Vaughn Daniels, at his secluded home. As their relationship unfolds, Vaughn manipulates Grey, her music, and her mind.

Yes, this movie has werewolves and blood and gore, but it is by no means a canine slasher. Bloodthirsty could have been a fang-filled horror movie or a strong blood-drenched satire on the inner workings of the music industry. There is enough blood and sinew to satisfy most armchair werewolf fans, but the movie surprised us. It rises above the stereotypical werewolf movie, incorporating the psychological aspects of self-discovery and personal development during Grey’s downward spiral into wolfdom. 

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Bloodthirsty explores Grey’s willing, almost eager, transformation from a lost, mouse-like indie musician, controlled by her past, relationships, ambition, fear, and prescriptions into a vibrant, primal creative with a voracious appetite for success and power.  

What makes this film different from other creature features? The unseen character that stitches the already memorable performances of Beatty and Bryk together. The music. 

Bloodthirsty is, at its very core, transformed by its soundscape. The music, written by Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer Lowell Boland (Lowell), consists of haunting melodies, minor-key translations, and unique lyrics that subtly advance the story. The need for her music to succeed is synonymous with her physical hunger, feeding and controlling her actions and decisions.  Vaughn recognizes this, and we watch as he easily manipulates Grey into accepting the darkness that resides inside.

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