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Comparing Fantasy Island and Paradise Hills

Fantasy Island

Trouble in Paradise

The two films Paradise Hills (2019) and Fantasy Island (2020) both have very similar plots. Both films have a mysterious place that the characters must travel to, both places seem great at first but are later revealed to have dark secrets that we uncover later in the film. Based on these examples given, here is why Fantasy Island and Paradise Hills are very similar. 

First, one of the elements that makes these two films almost identical to each other is the place that the characters must travel to. In Fantasy Island, the creator of the island reaches out to twelve people to come to the man-made island, and once they get there they are told that they can all live out their most elaborate fantasies. Similarly, in the film Paradise Hills, the characters come to this seemingly perfect place to relax in paradise.

Paradise Hills

The next thing that makes these horror/thriller films very similar is what happens after they arrive in “Paradise”. In Fantasy Island, once the characters start living out their fantasies, things take a dark turn for them once these fantasies turn into dark nightmares that affect them all negatively. After finding out the truth of their fantasies turning into nightmares, the people must escape off of the island in order to survive this hellish vacation. Similarly, in Paradise Hills, once they arrive in “paradise” things take a turn downhill due to the almost too perfect daily rituals that they have at the school, and the main character, Uma, is the only one who finds out the truth after her skeptical thoughts about the school lead her to the secret. The school is actually a control room that is used to study the student’s behavior and appearance so they can be killed and eventually replaced with more superior copies of themselves. Once Uma finds this out, she tells the girls, and they all plan to escape so they will not be killed. 

Due to both of these films having a mysterious place that the characters travel to, a setup like a paradise or an island, and an eventual realization about these places that the characters have to escape from before it is too late, we can see that the both of these horror/thriller films are almost exactly alike.

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