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The Final Destination Sequel Problem

Final Destination

Predictable Destinations

Each of the Final Destination films open with the same premise. They all begin with the main characters having a vision of some sort of accident where they will die, the vision becomes true, and then the characters all try to cheat death. With these examples given, here is why all of the Final Destination movies are the same and why they shouldn’t have made two sequels, let alone five.

First, one of the examples of why the first three Final Destination films are all the same is that the main character always has a vision of something that might prove fatal to them. What is weird is that all three of these visions are proven to be true and none of them die, which makes the movies look like they were written with the same script over and over again. There is no attempt to subvert expectations or iterate on the original formula at all.

Another example of why this horror movie series shouldn’t have had so many movies is that each of the first three characters’ accidents in their visions prove to be true. Not only that, but all three characters live, or according to the movie, all of them “cheat death” in a way.

Final Destination

The last thing that makes this initial trilogy unbearable to watch, especially in close proximity to one another, is that the survivors, and especially the main character, are stalked by death because they didn’t die in the envisioned accident or event that happens at the beginning of each recycled movie, and every time the characters try to cheat death, death always tries to get them back due to cheating death, or not dying when they were “supposed to.”

With these examples given, I can not see why someone made five versions, at least at the time of writing, of the exact same film. If they wanted to make sequels, they could have come up with a new, bearable plot for each new sequel.

This is the reason why the Final destination films are all the same and why the subsequent films should have been left on the cutting room floor.

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