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Nine Lives Review

Nine Lives

Paris Hilton Doesn't Land on her Feet

I have just two words for you: Paris Hilton. Who would have thought that the hotel heiress would be a good actor? This is why this film is one of her only acting credits. The acting in this movie is not only unbearable, the plot makes no sense because there are too many plot holes, and, oh yeah Paris Hilton. She is much better at being a hotel heiress than being a horror movie actress, or in her case, an “aspiring” actress of any kind.

The plot, oh the plot. What an awful plot it is. The title alone is uninspired. It uses the analogy of cats having nine lives to represent a group of nine girls that have to escape a very early 2000s looking estate (cue the couch from a grandmother’s living room). The plot is all over the place and barely goes into the character’s lives or why the killer is killing them one by one, which is already a very cliché horror trope if you ask me. 

The acting is very one-dimensional and bland. The actresses’ talent seems to be as thin as a piece of paper, and they all seem very unfocused like a cat staring out into space just before falling asleep. Maybe the cat analogy that the title gives wasn’t so cheesy after all, but rather relevant to the way the actors act very unfocused and cat-like.  

Nine Lives

And then we get to Paris Hilton. Yes, that Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress with a chihuahua in her purse. And like the chihuahua, her acting talent is very small. As the main protagonist she seems to be as unfocused as the eight other girls that are killed off, so she is at least in good company. Clearly there were ulterior motives for giving her a leading role.

With one dimensional plot, unfocused actresses who probably were not cast in anything after this film, and *sigh* Paris Hilton, this film shouldn’t be called Nine Lives because it has absolutely no life in it whatsoever. The only saving grace is that this film did poorly enough that Paris’ acting career never progressed much further.

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