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6 Sensational Haunted House Movies For May

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Getting a Spooky Chill as the Weather Heats Up

As the warmer weather arrives here in the Northern Hemisphere, it becomes time to enjoy activities and entertainment done in the air conditioning. So, reflecting on what I typically like to watch in May, haunted house movies leapt immediately to mind. There’s nothing like a little delightful darkness to balance out all of the late spring sunshine.

 Here are my Top Six Movie Recommendations for those who want to indulge in some haunted decadence…

 1)      The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) is a pure ghost story set in a house that used to be a funeral home. A shady past, and numerous ghosts, haunt the property and change the lives of the people who are temporarily renting the place. This movie has a tight story, excellent cast, terrific writing, and good scares make this my first choice.

 2)      Rose Red (2002) is not technically a movie, but it is an American television mini-series that runs several hours. I always watch it as a movie in one sitting, and I absolutely love it, so it goes on the list. From my vantage point, this is one of Stephen King’s best works. The setup is a psychology professor putting together a team of psychics for an expedition to a dangerously haunted house, all to prove her theories of the paranormal. The scenes shot in Thornewood Castle are just beautiful, and Nancy Travis is excellent as the lead.

 3)      Amityville Horror (2005) is your chance to catch Ryan Reynolds in a horror movie. He does a really good job, and the story is a well-done remake of the 1979 classic. I actually like this version a lot better, truth be told. It gives me that nice dose of creepy that I’m always looking for in a haunting, and, of course, it is supposedly based on a true story.

4)      House of Usher (1960) takes us back a ways, so it’s always good to remember when the film was made to better calibrate the fear factor to the times. This American International film is one of several that had been made of an Edgar Allan Poe story-base starring Vincent Price. The sets are gorgeous, Vincent Price delivers in his role as the reclusive and mysteriously ill Roderick Usher, and overall the story transitions to screen very well. It’s not exact to the original Poe story, but the transition does serve the tone and vibe.

 5)      The House In Between (2020) is a documentary-style movie based on-site in a house in Florence, Mississippi. The filming is of investigation being done, and is rather extensive. This non-fiction haunting is gripping to watch. There’s a mixture of footage and interviews in the film, so for those wanting something non-standard in a haunting, this would be a fine choice. Sit down with some popcorn and soda, and prepare to be amazed.

 6)      The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013) is a psychological thriller done much in the same filming style as its predecessor. Again, the movie relies on excellent writing, a wonderful storyline, and a superb cast. I might be a little biased, but I always find Katee Sackhoff to be fun to watch. As a resident of the state of Georgia myself, I get nostalgic watching a horror movie filmed in the South. The woods and countryside shown in the film are absolutely evocative, and the story pulls on the history of the Underground Railroad, and happenings in the past that then shape the future.

Wishing you all a Happy May and Good Hauntings!

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