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The Possession Review


An Impromptu Yard Sale Stop Turns Perilous

If you have ever pondered what Supernatural would be like if Sam and Dean were terrified little girls instead of grown alcoholics, wonder no more. The Possession (2012) centers around Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his two daughters who unwittingly purchase a cursed box from a yard sale, much to the distress of the incopacitated previous owner. The youngest daughter Em (Natasha Calis) manages to open it, finding a collection of ritualistic oddities within and her new best friend: a nefarious spirit who consumes all. This spirit takes over Em and commits atrocities without her permission or, at times, even her awareness of the events. 

This pesky box destroys the already fragile psyches of this newly divorced family that is already dealing with a lot before the demonic box enters their lives. Em is unknowingly embodying the spirit of a gluttonous demon who tricks her into a “friendship” that quickly turns dire. There is a stark contrast between the sweet, compassionate Em as herself and the spirit who takes control. The plot is linear with short memories thrown in and is upsetting to watch, especially for anyone who fears bugs. There are swarms of them throughout the movie, coming out of cabinets, mouths, and filling entire rooms. The special effects are creepy to say the least and leave a lasting impression. Eyes move independently of each other, the murders are gruesome both visually and auditorily. I had to look away a few times, which is unusual for my morbid mind.


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The Possession uses a mixture of horror and religion in a distinct manner, yet not overdone or preachy. Clyde is on a time crunch to save Em, and anyone she comes across that upsets the spirit meets a tragic end, so the focus is centered around finding a solution to the possession rather than exploring the religious implications of the events. Multiple faiths work together to exorcise the spirit in an attempt to save Em. A scene involving an MRI has an unsettlingly accomplished visual effect, down to the detailed view of the scan images to the sense of horrific dread that creeps into the room as the characters realize something beyond medical understanding is occurring.

The characters are portrayed believably by this team of actors, down to the most minor role. It opens with a strange, suddenly violent scene that leaves the audience desperate for answers. There are typical family moments to highlight how this is a traditional family, but the longer the box is with Em these precious times become unsettling and concerning. 

Settling down for The Possession is great for anyone wanting to watch a father who dearly loves his family risk everything to protect his daughters. It is twisted, dark, and hits accurately on some religious traditions creating a believable reason why this box contains such powers. The Possession has a darkness hinted at that grows to a true horror to behold and is interesting from start to finish. It is currently streaming on a variety of streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. 


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