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“Them” Interview With Sophia Guest


Sophia Guest joins Dead Talk Live Host, John Vizaniaris, discussing her role on “Them”

Sophia Guest joins Dead Talk Live Host, John Vizaniaris, discussing her role as Doris on “Them” (2021), a horror drama that centers around themes of both the supernatural and racism. In 10 episodes, “Them” tells the story of a Black family, who moves to an all-white neighborhood in Los Angeles, to start over after a tragedy. Guest classifies it as a “psychological horror first,” that she hopes makes people pause to think about each episode and the experiences the characters go through.

While the show deals with demonic forces, the Emroys are also having to battle with racist policies that keep them trapped in their mortgage, forcing them to stay. Guest talks with John about her earlier roles, how she got into acting, and working with Linda Blair. Guest also tells stories of shooting some scenes in a school that was in session, as well as the difficulties of filming while finishing school herself. Guest also explains how the special makeup effects helped her transform from her energetic, bubbly self into the manipulative, coy character of Doris. Guest explains that she doesn’t know what next season will focus on, only that it will be a different American terror from Season 1, titled “Covenant”.

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Popcorn for Them

“Them” was released April 9, 2021 and is available to stream on Amazon Prime. It is a dark, gruesome horror drama, written by Little Marvin. A second season is in the works, with no current filming or release date scheduled, but is said to focus on a different story of American terror.

Check out our full episode with Sophia Guest.

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