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The Intel You Need To Know About GhostWire: Tokyo

GhostWire: Tokyo is an action-adventure video game packed with a horror aspect. The upcoming release is from Evil Within game series developers, Tango Gameworks, and Bethesda Softworks. In June 2019, GhostWire: Tokyo was first announced by Shinji Mikami and creative director Ikumi Nakamura, before leaving the studio. The game is to be released in October 2021 for PlayStation 5, Windows, and in late 2022 for Xbox Series X/S.

The game setting is Tokyo, Japan, where nearly all citizens have mysteriously vanished. An invasion of spirits, known as Visitors, corrupts the city. Due to the corruption, the protagonist’s supernatural powers begin to develop. As the protagonist fights through the ghosts and spirits haunting Tokyo, he encounters a Hannya mask-wearing group, who may reveal the answers to the invasion.

GhostWire: Tokyo is single-player and playable from a first-person perspective. Players can use various psychic and paranormal capabilities to defeat the ghosts and spirits haunting Tokyo, Japan. The game consists of magical combat, by applying hand gestures to cast spells. When enemies lose health, their underlying figures are exposed and easily defeated by take-down moves. Also, players will explore the unique sights of Tokyo, from neon buildings to traditional Japanese temples, as the protagonist must travel through empty streets, in search of a resolution.

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Furthermore, GhostWire: Tokyo is very different from the horror survival game series Evil Within. Although the game is action-adventure, a horror aspect takes a grip on the theme. With the help of Doom (2016) combat creator, Shinichirō Hara constructions, the game’s action-oriented combat was born. Doom (2016) is relatable to GhostWire: Tokyo, both focus on action-adventure with a horror environment.

GhostWire: Tokyo is PlayStation 5 exclusive with Microsoft Windows for a year. After the year is up, Xbox consoles will have access. The game is meant to be exclusive, but on March 9, 2021 Microsoft bought ZeniMax and its studios, including Tango Gameworks, for US $7.5 billion, including the studios as part of Xbox Game Studios.

Check out the official trailer for GhostWire: Tokyo.

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