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Nightcrawler, A Review


The Horror Of "Nightcrawler" Awaits You

In the horror movie, Nightcrawler (2014), Jake Gyllenhaal plays a man with sociopathic tendencies that ends up going down an even darker path, when he finds a crew that will do anything to get footage from  crime scenes. They will even go as far as murder. Jake Gyllenhall’s performance is what makes this film such a great horror movie, because he really puts on the mask of someone who would do anything for a dangerous job.

In his darkest role since “Donnie Darko,” Jake Gyllenhall goes  method for his portrayal of a man who’s dark tendencies, which may stem from an unspecified mental illness, turn even darker as he tries  to get a job filming horrific accidents. Once he finds this passion, “Louis Bloom” (Gyllenhall) will not stop at nothing, until he captures the perfect accident on tape.  

Overall, the horror film is astounding. And, it is Gyllenhall’s most profound performance since his Oscar-nominated turn in the 2005 Ang Lee classic, Brokeback Mountain (2005). It is no surprise that Gyllenhaal received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance as the disturbing “Louis Bloom.” The colors of the film also help capture the darkness that lurks inside this unemployed man, who would do anything for a job. The rich blacks and purples that are showcased in the background, give the audience a feeling of what this man’s tendencies are and what levels he would go to, in terms of danger.

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When things go bad at his job, and he starts hurting people for  money, we can feel what the actors are feeling during this pivotal  moment in the sociopath’s life. We can feel the distrust he now has  from the team that took him under their wing. And, we see his  personal relationships crumble, and “Louis” himself becoming unhinged.

From the gruesome levels that this man seeks from filming lives that  end, to the way that his dark tendencies turn ever darker, Nightcrawler (2014) is a horror movie that shows how one man can become a disturbing island, just by performing bad deeds.

Check out the official trailer for “Nightcrawler” (2014).

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