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Top 5 Favorite Horror Films

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Horror Films That’ll Keep You Up At Night

If you are looking for horror films that will keep you up at night, turning on every light as you go to the bathroom home alone, then this is the list for you. The following movies are on this list because they are my personal favorites, and this is all opinion-based, however, some requirements for the movies on this list are that they must have truly fearful scenes… scenes that will frighten even the toughest personality. I looked for symbolism of death and fear throughout each film, as well as the classic horror film camera-shots, and use of noise and music to increase suspense.

So, here are my top five horror films:

Doctor Sleep (2019)

Supernatural Horror

While many reviewers would replace Doctor Sleep on this list with The Shining (1980), the story and use of symbolism throughout the film makes it extremely worthy of my top favorite horror films. While the story follows Dan as an adult, it is a completely different story, with the film incorporating fresh and horrifying scenarios that leaves the watcher unsettled and at the edge of their seat. The usage of PTSD and alcoholism, as well as the classic usage of uneasy music and sounds, makes Doctor Sleep one of the most intense horror films ever.

47 Meters Down (2017)

Survival Horror

47 Meters Down is further than anyone would be comfortable underwater, as one is surrounded by darkness and circled by sharks. This is one of the most thrilling, jaw-dropping, survival horror films that incorporates the classic ocean fear… sharks. The usage of muddled sounds, and foggy light seeping through the water, leaves watchers anxious and worried for the two sisters trapped at the bottom of the ocean, in a shark cage, after the rope broke connecting them to the boat. One refreshing aspect that made the film stand out from other shark films was the threat of nitrogen poisoning for the two sisters, which I enjoyed, and is ultimately why I placed it on this list.

The Ruins (2008)


If you are not a fan of gore horror films, then this film is not recommended for you. However, if you love gore-filled movies, then this is right up your alley. While the film incorporates many bloody gore scenes, and some reviewers may label it as “gore-porn,” I personally found the movie mentally captivating, with the incorporation of archaeological sites found in the Mexican jungle. There is also the survival horror aspect, which was refreshing in a gore film like this one. The Ruins will have even the bravest viewers under suspense, and peeking underneath their fingers in fear.

doctor sleep film

The Exorcist (1973)

Supernatural Horror

It is hard to make a top five horror films list and not include The Exorcist, which was one of the most profitable horror films of all time, and loosely based off of true events. It was made in the early 1970s and still remains an iconic horror film classic. For the time it was filmed and released, the special effects used throughout the film are astonishing and bring the movie to life, leaving watchers unsettled and struggling to stay brave. It was one of the first films to incorporate the supernatural possession of a little girl, which left many viewers scared for weeks after their original viewing. The usage of dark imagery and dark colors throughout the movie established it as a classic horror film, and it has been replicated many times.

The Purge (2013)

Dystopian Horror

For me, The Purge is modern, classic horror film, incorporating very real fears of legalized murder, and leaving viewers anxious and paranoid at every figure in the dark. While the overall premise of the movie tends to be rather dark for many watchers, I personally find the shocking similarities and parallels between modern authoritarian governments and the plot of the movie surrounding legalized crime very relevant and necessary to share with the world. And, I feel that the horror genre was a perfect fit to portray it. The usage of sounds throughout the film can send viewers into a paranoid mindset when they hear the classic purge horn, warning individuals to hide for their lives. Overall, the film’s usage of real events and unsettling sounds made it a must have on my top five favorite horror films list.

Check out this HD trailer for “Doctor Sleep” (2019).

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