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Vampires vs. Vampires


"Twilight" vs. "The Vampire Diaries," A Monster Comparison

I like to think of vampirism as the actions of a vampire. It is the way the monster walks, talks, and survives: from feeding on human beings and animals (specifically their blood), all the way to supernatural strength and abilities.  

Both the movie series The Twilight Saga (2008-2012) and television show The Vampire Diaries (2009) have an excessive number of vampires that creep around their towns, creating drama and causing havoc. There are many horrific scenes where we get to see their ruthless natures in action – all of the heart-ripping and neck-snapping at its finest. But, the way vampirism manifests itself in each story is completely different. For example: how does one become this monster? How do they survive? What are some of the super abilities that come with being a vampire? Each story answers these questions in their own unique way, and it is worth noting their differences. 

How does one become a vampire?

The Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries include vampires from all walks of life. That doesn’t mean they don’t have all the usual qualities, like drinking blood from their fangs or having palish, white skin. Their overall being can easily be compared to one another, but there are a few differences in how each is created. 

The vampires of The Twilight Saga transform subtly. A simple bite is all it takes. A human receives an injection of a vampire’s blood, and after a few days, the transition is complete. It isn’t elaborate and gory, and other humans are usually not hurt during the process. 

On the other hand, these monsters in The Vampire Diaries transition after a number of steps. In order to become a vampire, a human receives an injection of vampire’s blood, usually through a bite. The human has to die with the blood in their system. Once they wake up again, they have 24 hours to drink the blood of another human, or they will not complete the transition and die their final death. 

How do they survive? 

Survival is key when it comes to being a vampire. Feeding is one of the ways they maintain their health and energy, but it has proven to be a problem time and time again. Members from each town – Forks and Mystic Falls – are often attacked, and it is thought to be by animals. Some of them even go missing.  

In the case of the vampires of The Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries, survival looks a little different between the two.

Edward Cullen from The Twilight Saga could be described as one of the more calm, cool, and collected of these monsters. He is less of a fright, as he sticks to a strict diet of only animals. This definitely takes away from his scare factor, as he does not lurk in the shadows to wait for his next human. There are some downsides to this only-animal diet, however, including decreased strength in his supernatural abilities.

Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Damon chooses a human diet, savagely ripping open any human he can get his hands on. He shows no remorse. It is simply a part of his nature, and his actions often put him in the villain spotlight. 

While there are only so many ways for a vampire to feed, many usually pick between two options: human blood and animal blood. When they are feeling a lot friendlier, they tend to drink human blood from bags that come from blood banks. 


What are the super abilities that come with being a vampire?

The vampires in each of these stories are not exempt from the super abilities that come from being a supernatural being. There are some standards, such as immortality, enhanced strength, and lightning-fast speed. However, their abilities can range in many ways and vary between each and every one of them. 

Looking back at the characters mentioned before, for instance, Edward has some abilities Damon does not. Edward carries the power of mind-reading, while Damon can actually communicate through telepathy. Many of the other characters from each of the stories have other abilities. In The Twilight Saga, we see Alice and Jasper Cullen seeing into the future and manipulating others’ emotions. In The Vampire Diaries, we see Stefan and Damon Salvatore using mind compulsion and their healing appears to be accelerated.

The strength of their abilities can be dependent upon their diets. If a vampire consumes animal blood, like Edward, they are usually weaker, and so are their abilities. Damon, who feeds on human blood, has much stronger abilities in comparison.

So, when it comes to vampires, we see a number of differences through The Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries. It definitely starts with the way they are created,  and goes all the way to some of the abilities they can have at their disposal. We see that all vampires are not the same. Some of the basics of a vampire, including the aforementioned blood drinking, pale skin, and supernatural abilities, can be seen in both stories, and some characteristics are more specific to an individual vampire. We even see how one’s special diet can affect these abilities. 

Based on each story, and our own perceptions of vampires, we can conclude that they are either the grueling, blood-sucking monsters that live up to that image, or do not. Every vampire legend and story will be as unique as the vampires themselves.

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