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Good, Horrid, And Outright Bizarre Of Found Footage

found footage

Three Perspective Reviews On “Found Footage” Films That Every Horror Lover Might Enjoy!

Let’s Talk “Found Footage” Reviews on three films from this exciting sub-genres…

The Good- The Tunnel (2011)

A wonderful delve into the pitch black underground of the outback, that is the setting for this found footage gem. An Australian news crew decides that safety and precaution isn’t what makes a great story, and decide to cut through red tape and investigate disappearances surrounding the abandoned train tunnels of Sydney. Those that have come out of the tunnel alive remain destitute and maddened by what they experienced. However these grim examples do not dissuade the team, and they soon find that getting out of the tunnel will be far more difficult than getting in.

The film goes incredibly far with very little and is supported by a rock-solid cast with a tangible chemistry. Everyone’s performance is superb, and while watching their conversations and mannerisms you see the years this crew has gone through together. Many in the sub-genre try to accomplish this, but the subtlety of emotion within this film puts it on the top shelf. This emotion makes the tribulations endured by the crew that much more engaging. If you want a claustrophobic cat-and-mouse with master class performances check out The Tunnel. This title can actually be found online, distributed for free by the creators!

descent into darkness

The Horrid- Descent Into Darkness: My European Nightmare (2013)

An Eastern European film maker is sent on the job of a lifetime— working to complete a docu-series on travel destinations around Europe starting with Paris. What follows is a grisly depiction of one man’s journey to the heart of his own mangled soul, via found footage, of course.

For the most part, Descent Into Darkness is a one man show with actor Rafaël Cherkaski wonderfully encapsulating the deteriorating mental state of a filmmaker, Sorgoi. The story and talent is aided immensely by the immersive editing style of jarring smash cuts and faulty camera work to its advantage. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the film’s expertise, when it comes to show don’t tell, in the way of character development and exposition delivery. You never feel beaten over the head with anything, and while you walk away with a firm understanding of the protagonist, there still remain beautiful puzzles left to decipher. It’s a phenomenal found footage film, but don’t be mistaken, the third act becomes truly demented. If you find yourself troubled by the exploration of taboos and violence, then prepare

The Bizarre- Slashers (2001)

A dream for many is to land a spot on a lucrative game show, but in a dystopian future Japan, this dream becomes a nightmare. Slashers is the highest-rated television program currently airing and boasts millions of dollars in prizes. The game show revolves around several survivors placed inside a labyrinth and pursued by a colorful cast of slashers, each with their own style and

Gimmick. If the contestants can last the whole show, they walk away with millions, but if they’re caught they won’t walk away at all. Found footage tells viewers this story.

Slashers is a weird, fun little movie made with a small budget and unknown cast, that manages to be more entertaining than many triple-A features. The cast stands out as the most enjoyable aspect, as you bounce from maniacal slasher to the relatable empathetic contestants, all vying for survival. With this hammy acting and over the top schlocky effects, Slashers’ found footage format maintains a zany energy not matched in any other film. It’s a little hard to find, but the movie has been uploaded in parts on YouTube for free. yourself for one hell of a ride.

Check out the international trailer for “The Tunnel.”

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