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Best Indie Games To Play If You’re A Scaredy-Cat

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Here are some indie titles to ease you into the blood curdling world of simulated danger.

So, you want to play the newest Resident Evil (2021), or maybe even beat the iconic Outlast series, but every time you jump into them, you find yourself squirming in your seat and running to turn the lights on. Who can blame you? These games make even veteran players jump. To get you started, here’s a list of some more manageable scares on your journey into darkness. Good news too, most of these indie titles are a great bang for your buck. Light spoilers ahead. 

Dead by Daylight (2016)

Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight was a smash hit in 2016, and has only become more popular since. With tens of thousands of players logged on at any given time, Dead by Daylight is the perfect indie game to dip your toe in when it comes to scares. The game involves one player controlling the killer, hunting down four other players; the survivors. It’s solely multiplayer, allowing you to jump in with friends, or even strangers, so you never have to be alone. And, if you’re still a little hesitant, one of the game’s modes allows you to play the killer, helping you to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and environment, before getting chased and running for your life. With extremely high critical and popular praise, Dead by Daylight is a steal at $20.

Gone Home (2013)

Is Fullbright’s indie opus really a horror title? No. Is it a perfect start for someone looking for something a tad spooky to set them on edge? Yes. Gone Home is a walking simulator where you explore your family’s empty house after returning from a trip overseas. With no real jump scares, gore, or chase scenes, layman horror nerds can enjoy the tension that comes with opening each new door, cabinet, and secret hatch. While marveling at the ominous atmosphere, players can also indulge in the story, which involves ghosts, Riot Grrrls, and queer love. With plenty of awards and glowing reviews, Gone Home is reasonably priced, and reasonably spooky, at just $15.

Detention (2015)

So, Red Candle Games’ Detention is actually quite horrifying, yes, but it still deserves a place on this list for what makes it horrifying. Set during the White Terror in 60’s Taiwan, the player follows Ray, as she floats through a semi-lucid nightmare. While once again, there are no cheesy jumps, the indie game Detention gets under your skin through its ambience and phenomenal storytelling. With just about a 3-hour play time, the player can enjoy thrills involving family drama, international politics, spirits, and betrayal. What makes this game perfect for the horror-timid, is the aforementioned play time and the game medium itself. Even the nervous stomach crowd should be able to push through this short game, and for some, the 2D style can be a little less intimidating than a triple-A zombie shooter. In 2019, it was adapted for the big screen, but to get the full experience, players can enjoy this game for only $12.

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The Last Door, and The Last Door: Season 2  (2013-2016)

The Game Kitchen’s mysterious and unnerving episodic title, The Last Door is perfect for horror connoisseurs and skittish players alike. Set in the ever-creepy Victorian era of England, this indie game allows you to slowly unravel a disappearance involving cults, subterfuge, and the ordeal of translating Latin. Anxious players can enjoy the creepy 32-bit setting without worrying about being put off by egregious gore, monsters, and complicated safe house mechanics. The plot is enticing and unfolds in such a satisfying slow-burn style, that one can easily fight through the spooks to finally uncover the truths at the end of the game. It’s episodic nature also allows for perfect breaks between play, if you need some cool down time. Each season costs $10, but you get a small discount if you bundle, which you will most likely want to do. 

Year Walk (2015)

Simigo’s Year Walk indie game isn’t just perfect for those starting their horror gaming journeys, but for those starting their gaming journeys period. It was developed for mobile platforms originally, and allows casual gamers to experience a full, engaging, and macabre experience from your phone or laptop. This game has many creepy features, such as: effigies, old mills, and a wintry night time forest. But the scariest part of this game is the truth it’s based off of. The developers based it off of a Swedish Folklore tradition called Årsgång and incorporated other facets of northern mythology and fairy tales. Hope you’re alright with dead ghost babies. Year Walk has many spooky puzzles for the player to work through, and the pressure of meeting varied and grisly phantoms. A newbie horror fiend can easily click through this game without being too paralyzed with fear, all the while experiencing an engaging and heartbreaking story. 

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