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The Craft: Legacy, A Review

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The Craft (1996) made its debut in theatres and, though not known at the time, this film quickly became a cult classic. Though not a traditional film of horror, many horror fans have found this film to be one of their favorites, myself included. So, when the trailer for The Craft: Legacy (2020) was released, I and many others were hesitant about this addition to The Craft universe. 

October 28, 2020, was when the film made it to movies on demand and in select theaters (due to the pandemic). Though Zoe Lister-Jones was excited for this film and what it could bring to this world, fans were less enthusiastic. Rotten Tomato gave the film a 48% Tomatometer rating and a 26% in audience score. Why were the reviews so low? One can assume that it was due to articles on the movie itself. At the beginning of the trailer release, many fans believed this film to be a reboot of the original 1996 film. However, Director Lister-Jones made it clear in many interviews that this film wasn’t a reboot, but a stand-alone sequel to the original. Then why did the movie perform so poorly? Having some interest in the movie, I decided to pull it up on my Starz app and watch it for myself, and I think I know why The Craft: Legacy was rated so poorly. 

The general plot of this film revolves around four teenage girls, Lourdes, Frankie, Tabby, and Lily. Lourdes, Frankie, and Tabby are looking for their fourth member to complete the corners. Lily has just moved into town with her mother, so that her mother Helen can live with her boyfriend. From there, the girls discover Lily’s inherent ability to do magic and ask her to join their coven. The four of them go on wild adventures with their magic, including placing a spell on the school bully Timmy, fighting Helen’s boyfriend Adam, and Lily finally meeting her birth mother. While watching the film, I could tell that both the writers and the director wanted to keep some elements of the first movie for old fans and provide a new story-line. The only problem was that I felt that The Craft: Legacy was too similar to the original film. 

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A girl moves into town with this natural ability to magic. The coven casts a spell on the school bully. Said new girl falls in love with the bewitched bully. Overall, the general themes of the film were too similar to the original movie. In addition to this, I find that there wasn’t enough explanation or details regarding the main plot point, Adam. He is a ‘warlock,’ who is out to get Lily and her coven’s magic. Elements of this storyline were glossed over or never fully addressed. Instead, there was more focus on Lily getting her period in class, or Timmy coming out as bisexual. Now, these plot points aren’t bad. These everyday struggles that the coven and Timmy face while going through high school should have been the film’s focus. 

In the original The Craft film, we watch as the four girls deal with high school, trauma, abuse, and other struggles they have to face. With their magic and strength as witches, we see them try to solve these problems with their newfound power and eventually deal with them. The Craft provided a world of magic, witches, and spells… and showed us the struggles many people deal with on a daily basis. The Craft: Legacy, on the other hand, never delved into Lourdes, Frankie, Tabby, and Lily’s mundane world, or the problems the four face as outcasts. That’s what made The Craft so special. Watching these four outcasts come together, become something more than they could have ever dreamed of, and of course, watching Nancy freak out on Chris was a nice touch, as well.   

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