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American Psycho 2, A Review

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How far would you go to get what you want? A question prompted by the sequel to “American Psycho”…

How far would you go to get something you want? In the sequel to the cult-classic American Psycho (2000), one college student would do anything to get a teacher assistant position, even if it means murdering people to get to the top.

In Mika Kunis’ dark turn as a criminology student up for a teacher assistant position, things soon take a twist, as she starts to do anything to get the job to be close to her Professor, and by anything, that means cold-blooded murder… psycho style.

Mila Kunis is definitely no Jackie Burkhart, the memorable girl-next-door character she portrayed on the classic television show, That 70s Show (1998). As vicious and cruel as Jackie sometimes was, she would have never gone this far to get what she wanted, even if she was spoiled. Jackie Burkhart was no psycho.

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What Rachel has forgotten, or simply doesn’t care about is that her actions have consequences. Though she may have been determined to get the teacher assistant position, she should have never gone as far as to murder people, especially the ones that cared about her. This sequel is done in true American Psycho style.

This film had me on the edge of my seat, as it was definitely a nail-biter and a popcorn-eating type of movie. Mika Kunis showed how dark she can transform for a role. American Psycho 2 (2002) definitely is now in my top 10 horror movies to watch.

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