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June 2021

psycho horror

American Psycho 2, A Review

How far would you go to get something you want? In the sequel to the cult-classic “American Psycho” (2000), one college student would do anything to get a teacher assistant position.


Séance, A Review

Throughout the film “Séance” (2021), written and directed by Simon Barret, there are several familiar themes seen in horror films that we see throughout it.

queer horror

10 Queer Horror Films You Should Be Watching

While we have instances where horror films depict fully formed queer characters and get representation right, those occurrences are few and far between. In my opinion, it’s getting better with several films over the last several years giving us a collection of prolific characters and themes.

BJ McDonnell

BJ McDonnell, Joining Dead Talk Live June 29th!

BJ McDonnell is most known for his direction of “Hatchet 3” (2012). McDonnell also directed the critically-lauded, live action rendition of the “Dead Island” commercial, which received over one million hits in its first week on YouTube!


The Devil Below, A Review

Twice-nominated at the 2021 Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival, “The Devil Below” (2021) is one of those films where the concept has true potential.


Initiation, A Review

Writer-Director John Berardo presents the audience with a slick, stylish, stereotypical view of campus life.

the craft legacy

The Craft: Legacy, A Review

October 28, 2020, was when the film made it to movies on demand and in select theaters (due to the pandemic). Though Zoe Lister-Jones was excited for this film and what it could bring to this world, fans were less enthusiastic.

Shane Johnson, Joining Dead Talk Live July 7th!

Shane Johnson is most known for his acting, but he has also delved into producing, writing, and even animation. Shane actually taught himself how to animate, and then started developing multiple projects. In addition, Shane Johnson has done some scripted and reality TV, as both a creator and as a writer.

horror dad pet sematary

Top 10 Horror Film Dads

With Father’s Day at this time of the year, I thought I’d take the time to appreciate the great dads within the horror genre.