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Bailey Sarian’s Murder Mystery Makeup Monday

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Are you ready for amazing makeup and a mystery?...

Bailey Sarian is a well known Beauty Youtuber. Some of her earliest videos were her makeup tutorials, ranging from glam makeup to cosplay beauty makeup. Sarian’s channel consisted of videos like this until the beginning of 2019, when she posted her first Murder Mystery Makeup Monday.

Murder Mystery Makeup Monday is a mini-series Bailey Sarian started, where she could sit down with her audience, do her make-up, and talk about a murder mystery. Some of the many mystery topics that Bailey Sarian has covered are the Unibomber, The Night Stalker, Jeffery Dahmer, and some lesser-known cases.  When discussing these cases, Bailey Sarian made talking about murders less intimidating. She presents the facts as they are, but in a way that makes it almost conversational. Making all the material presented comprehensible to a large audience. Bailey Sarian also makes it known when rather graphic talks would happen, like her Jeffery Dahmer talk. She expressed how she was about to discuss a sensitive topic, allowing her audience to decide if they are comfortable enough to move forward with the video. 

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One of the more recent videos that I have watched from this mystery series is The Baby Snatcher. In this video, Sarian discussed the murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett and the kidnapping of her unborn child. I will not be going into details as to what happened, but the case did lead to a murder conviction of Lisa M. Montgomery, who was later put to death on January 13, 2021. I love so much about Bailey Sarian’s Murder Mystery Monday talks because she is willing to dive into the past of the felons. She never once claims that their past justifies what they have done, but it does provide a glimpse into their history. Allowing us to try and understand their thought process or even why they may have grown up to murder. In the case of Lisa M. Montgomery, she was a victim of abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome leading to permanent brain damage. At the time, she was facing the possibility that she might lose custody of her children. Now both Bailey Sarian and I implore that this doesn’t excuse what she did, but it provides insight into what could have been going on in Lisa M. Montgomery’s mind. 

I think Bailey Sarian’s Murder Mystery Makeup Monday series is fantastic, and those who are fans of horror, murder mystery, and makeup should check out her channel. I know my sister and I, who are huge fans of glam makeup and horror, couldn’t get enough of her series. Bailey Sarian does post regularly, and she has started a podcast called Dark History. However, non-traditional horror creators like Bailey Sarian provide a different look into the dark and mysterious while looking fabulous. 

If you are interested in Bailey Sarian’s Murder Mystery Makeup Monday series, you can find it on her Youtube channel Bailey Sarian, along with the first episode of Dark History.

Check out an entire episode of “Murder Mystery & Makeup!”

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