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The Row, A Review

fear row

"The Row" and how it connects to "Scream Queens"

The film, The Row (2018), written by Matty Bekerman, is an installment in the college horror film genre that is underrated, and has similar themes and characters to that of the Fox horror series, Scream Queens (2015).

In the film The Row and the series Scream Queens, both feature sorority girls. While in their sorority both of the groups of girls have an unfortunate school year. While in their studies, both groups of girls are being attacked by a serial killer. While they are trying to escape from their killer, both of the groups must work together. During this time together, these sorority girls become more like sorority sisters. Not only are these groups and their experiences similar, but so are their personalities.

One of the noted aspects that The Row and Scream Queens have in common is how similar some of the characters are, in general. The character of Riley, played by actress Lala Kent, is a freshman who tries to uncover the dark secret of her sorority to which she’s pledged, much like Grace on Scream Queens, who is played by Skyler Samuels. Another character that is similar to that of one of the Scream Queens characters, is the character Celeste, and how she is much like Chanel. Both Celeste and Chanel, (Celeste is played by Natali Yura and Chanel is played by Emma Roberts) are very similar based on their icy personas and mean-girl attitudes towards the other pledges, especially the girl who tries to find out the dark secrets about the sorority.

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row and scream queens

What makes The Row and Scream Queens underrated, is that while the plot and the characters are very interesting to watch and learn about, the ratings of both of these projects are abysmal, despite the entertaining themes of these projects.

One last aspect that makes The Row and Scream Queens similar is that there is a killer on the loose. In both of these projects, there is a killer that is furious with the biggest sorority on campus, based on what happened to the reputation of the sororities in the 80s. Both of these productions have the team of girls put away their differences in order to escape the psycho killer, and make sure they are all safe before they are de-kappa-tated!

Based on these examples, we can see how these sorority-themed shows use common elements. From each of their sororities having a bad reputation that has since been hidden by the college, to having characters going head-to-head because one wants to find out the truth of what happened, to how these characters must put away their differences to stay alive and hidden from the deranged killer on campus that is hell-bent for revenge because of an event that affected one of their family members in the 80s.. With these examples given, we can see that The Row and Scream Queens are indeed a lot alike.

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