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Suspiria, A Review

Suspiria scare

Suspiria will have you asking… What exactly is happening in this school for dance?

The 1977 Italian-Horror film classic, Suspiria, tells the story of an American girl, who is a trained ballerina that is accepted to an elite dance school in Germany. Little does she know that the school is a front for a coven of witches. Dun Dun Dun….

Suspiria is an artsy Italian masterpiece that is more about witchcraft than the craft of dance. The girls in the school are more interested in seances than dance, and they are all very dark and mysterious. What makes them all so dark and mysterious also makes them responsible for the many murders that happen behind closed doors. This makes the main character, Suzy (played by Jessica Harper) scared for her life, and regretful for her decision to come to this place of murder.

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Another aspect of Suspiria that makes it such a horror-movie gem is how the colors of the film represent the emotions and terrors that the characters, especially Suzy, go through while attending this secret coven/murder house.

The colors of Suspiria are exquisite and perfect for capturing the emotions that these girls go through. The rich reds and dark purples really help set up the suspenseful and deadly themes of this film, and help foreshadow the murders that happen throughout. The varying shades showcase how Suzy finds out about the front that this deadly school puts on, in order to be respected by the public eye. The use of the colors help burn the scary images of this underrated horror film a masterpiece.

With dark scary witches and excellent use of color to capture the emotions of the coven, and its inhabitants, these are the traits that make Suspiria such a great horror classic.

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