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The Forever Purge, A Review

the forever purge

Are you ready for "The Forever Purge?"

The film franchise The Purge, which originally began in 2013, has taken the horror film world by a massive storm of chaos, legalized murder, and graphic violence, and The Forever Purge is no different. Released on July 2, 2021, The Forever Purge has already made over 70 million dollars in the first weekend alone. So, what makes this movie and series so bloodcurdling amazing? Maybe it’s the intense sounds of the overwhelming purge siren or the graphic violence that occurs on screen that keeps viewers coming back for more, however, in the last and latest release in this series the filmmakers give the viewers a critique on American culture and politics while still giving the gore factor that the fans of this series have come to love.

The Purge series is known for graphic violence, gore, and horrific actions that may be difficult to watch for even the most experienced horror fans. The Purge franchise is known to critique the love of violence that has now been deeply embedded in the American way of life and culture throughout the country in this dystopian horror series. While the film series has been widely known and loved for the display of horrendous violence throughout its movies, it also incorporates themes of class struggle and American racism that mirror the current political climate of the country and could be considered “ahead of its time” by many critics.

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The Forever Purge is no different from the previous Purge movies, however, the incorporation of current political themes throughout the film coupled with the graphic violence may leave some viewers feeling uneasy about the current political climate in the United States, with the themes striking a bit too close to home. The movie begins with Juan and his wife Adela crossing into the United States border from Mexico with important signs and symbols thrown at the audience early into the movie to build suspense towards the end. The film continues to follow Juan and Adela through their first purge holiday in the United States. Unfortunately for Adela and Juan, this purge holiday is extended, indefinitely. With the political coup of the “forever purgers” Adela, Juan, and their employers must find their way back over the US border into Mexico as the chaos has been ongoing throughout the country for hours past the designated holiday. The movie emphasizes and highlights the political and social tensions occurring between the United States and illegal immigrants, at times channeling the vibes of former President Donald Trump and his policies through white supremacists characters and outright racism.

The performances from the lead actors in the film are outstanding, leaving the viewers feeling distraught for their characters’ struggles for survival and hope, however are at times out-shined by the filmography and brutal destruction. The camerawork with close up shots and behind angles give the movie its classic suspenseful tone that leaks into the emotions of the audience. However, The Forever Purge may be considered a film that throws unnecessary violence towards its audience at every possibility, leaving its political messages in the shadows of death and destruction occurring on screen. With that being said, the established fan base of this series will not be disappointed by lack of gore, and may even find the political messages deeply important to American culture.

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