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Top Five Horror Movie Remakes

evil dead remakes

These are the top five horror remakes – that won’t make horror fans cringe.

True horror fanatics might wince at the idea of remakes. There is nothing more disappointing than having your favorite horror movie classic be turned into something so un-appealing and far from hitting the mark. It’s not that we don’t want to welcome the idea of a remake, but it is more than often that horror films cannot be successfully re-done.

However, here are the movies that got it right. These top five horror remakes are well worth your time.

Evil Dead (2013, Remakes)

Easily in the top spot, the Evil Dead (2013) remake is everything a remake should be. Its major theme is the same as the original but with a modern plot, the gore, is well, glorious, and spoiler alert: there’s a final girl.

We love a final girl, a sole survivor. We care whether she lives or dies and that’s part of what makes this movie a top tier remake. We get to root for a hero that otherwise wouldn’t be seen as a redeeming character within society.

Mia, a drug addict, finally ready to defeat her demons, literally, asks her brother, his girlfriend and two friends to stay with her at her family’s cabin to help her cope with her withdraws.

After one of the friends finds a book of the dead, you guessed it, he reads aloud from it. This awakens an ancient and evil demon, that attaches itself to Mia.

Scenes in this 2013 version call back to the 1983 classic while its new plot draws a parallel between the loss of control and being taken over by drug addiction, and literally being taken over and possessed by an ancient demon.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010, Remakes)

Films like a Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) are hard to successfully remake. A modern take on a character so classic and original such as Freddy, can either make or break a movie. However, the updated version of a Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) gives us the feeling that we’re watching a brand-new concept. It modernizes the original plot without making it boring or modifying something major within the universe that is this movie.

Bad horror remakes can be those that just copy the original plot to a tee, or worse, they change something so classic from the original that it’s a betrayal to horror film fanatics everywhere.

This version of this film, and a special shout out to Jackie Earle Haley, the actor portraying Freddy, did a great job at staying true to the essence of this classic slasher flick while also giving us a Nightmare on Elm Street for the new generation.

Maniac (2012, Remakes)

Maniac (1980), the original cult classic, follows Frank Zito, a momma’s boy who copes with the loss of his mother by killing young women and keeping their scalps as trophies.

Movies like Maniac, that feature excessive gore, often make audiences overlook the quality of the film as a whole. But as one of the best slasher films from the 1980’s, Maniac is a movie that makes our stomach turn, but not our heads from the screen.

The 2012 remakes version starring Elijah Wood, is just as intoxicating. If you’ve seen the original, you know what’s coming, yet it’s as entertaining as watching a new movie for the first time.

It’s a film that you won’t be able to shake from your mind for days after you’ve watched it.

The Ring (2002, Remakes)

The Ring (2002), starring Naomi Watts, is a remake of the 1998 Japanese horror film, Ringu.

The U.S. remake follows a journalist who investigates a videotape that is said to cause death within seven days to anyone who watches it.

Many scenes from this terrifying movie, will forever stick in your head. It’s almost guaranteed that when you picture this movie, you’ll see the black and white picture of a well appear on the television screen, and you’ll remember that a dark haired, creepy little girl crawls out of that well, and then out of the screen!

And, this movie is only rated PG-13.

It’s well worth watching both versions of this film. While it’s plot is essentially the same, the fun in the fear you’ll feel while watching each one, will be two completely different experiences.

Dawn of the Dead (2004, Remakes)

If you didn’t feel anxious before, you will now.

There’s nothing more panic-inducing in a horror film than a chase scene. Cue, fast running zombies!

The original Dawn of the Dead (1978) features blue-tinted, slow moving, flesh-eating corpses. An idea already horrific on its own. However, The Dawn of the Dead (2004) remake decided to turn up the horror dial and make their flesh-eating corpses able to run fast.

The opening scene is sure to get your heart racing, as will the rest of the movie. The film follows a woman named Ana, who after barley escaping her zombie neighbor, joins a group of survivors who takes refuge in a shopping mall.

It’s pretty much a chase scene for the rest of the movie.

The original film is definitely a classic within the horror genre and within film itself. The modernization of the remake, like that of Evil Dead, is what made this movie find its way on this list. It’s the same idea but with a new, more frightening spin sure to leave audiences filled with fear and excitement.

Check out this trailer for “Dawn of the Dead” 2004!

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