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Monsters And Their Mothers

mother's love

Sometimes a mother’s love is monstrous…

There is nothing like a mother’s love; it reaches above and beyond. And for some, it even stretches across the expanse of insanity. Yes, even monsters have mothers. And their mothers love them, despite who they may be. Honestly, it is a bond one simply cannot explain, and sometimes it leaves us scratching our heads. How could someone love a monster? The fact is simple: it is hard not to love someone that is your own. Because the truth is, some of our most beloved horror figures have faces and personalities that only a mother, more specifically their mother, could love.

Norman Bates & His Mother

Norman Bates is our beloved psycho. Too many years of isolation undoubtedly led Norman to voyeuristic tendencies, as we witness with the iconic Psycho (1960) shower scene. It is not hard for one to see that Norman’s desire to belong does not mix well with his psychosis. And so, he becomes one of the most feared monsters in horror. There is nothing otherworldly or supernatural about Norman. But admittedly, nothing is more monstrous than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In this case, a monster encased in the skin of a plain fellow. Especially creepy is his penchant for emulating his mother. Somehow that is how he maintains their ties even beyond death.

Norman is the classic mama’s boy. He cannot seem to get out from under Norma’s thumb. What Psycho does not reveal about Norman’s mother, Bates Motel (2013) does. In Bates Motel, fans get a more intimate look at Norma Bates, the titular mama bear. She is just a little bit overbearing and entirely delusional. While Norma recognizes her son’s psychosis, she does little to get him help. She instead takes on the mantle of Norman’s care. But, Norman’s condition is a tad bit too much for Norma to handle. And, things get out of hand. Not even her love can help Norman control his urges. And well, finally, she becomes a victim. But Norman, who cannot separate the boundaries between love and hate, has developed a bit of an obsession. So, in his mixed-up way, he preserves his love by keeping his mother. Sometimes it’s hard to let go.

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Pamela Voorhees, Jason’s Mother

Jason’s life was cut short, so it is not difficult to understand the lengths to which Ms. Voorhees was willing to go. Jason was a victim of shameless bullying. And unfortunately, he lost his life at camp one fateful summer. Needless to say, Mama Voorhees was heartbroken. Perhaps she blamed herself just a little. After all, it was she who brought Jason to the camp. None of that matters to a mother. She wants to make sure the counselors get their just deserts, and that no one else’s life ends in disaster. So out for vengeance, she strikes out. 

In the first Friday the 13th (1980), moviegoers were sure that Jason haunted Camp Crystal Lake. However, in the second Friday the 13th (1981), Jason would make his debut as the killer of the camper’s worst nightmares. Mama Vorhees literally lost her head. And, Jason arose from his dank grave for his dear mother, proving there are no ties like family ties.

Anne Sawyer/Luda Mae Hewitt, Leatherface’s Mother

Leatherface, aka The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, was as harmless as they came, at least when he was a boy. But, the story is a bit of a mish-mash due to different versions. In one version, film-goers discover that Leatherface is born into a family of cannibals, with an overbearing mother. In another, he is adopted by a murderous matriarch, after discovering his discarded infant body. Either way, his upbringing had much to do with his development into a monster. His lumbering height and deformed features did not help any. So, we are not totally assured of who his mother is precisely. But one thing is sure; despite his mother’s wicked and twisted ways, they had a love for their Leatherface. 

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