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Run (2020), A Review

run 2020

“Run” is not your typical mother-daughter story...

In the film, Run (2020), a mother and daughter’s relationship starts to show odd stressors seeping through the cracks, when the daughter prepares to go off to college.

The mother-daughter bond in Run is nothing like what you would see in Gilmore Girls (2000). There is no real happiness between the two, only faked love on the mother’s side, and a need to get away from the mother on the daughter’s side.

During the daughter’s preparations for college in Run, Chloe is starting to wonder things about her loving, but very overprotective and secretive, mother. One day, when she is close to finding out about pills her mom has been giving her, the mom knocks her own daughter unconscious! It isn’t until Chloe wakes up and manages to actually get onto a computer that she finds the name of the pills, and discovers that malevolence is afoot.

There is a pivotal and intense scene in Run, during which the daughter Chloe sneaks out of a movie theater, to try to further her own quest for knowledge and freedom. I literally stood up and started yelling at the screen, “Go, go, go! Run away from your mom!” This excitement and relief heightened, when Chloe made her way to a local pharmacy with the pills and shows them to the pharmacist. What made me so angry at the mom during this all-important scene was that the pharmacist had been handing out dog tranquilizers this whole time. It brings themes of being coerced, familial horror, and human complications to a level that challenges audiences.

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However, the scene in Run that had me and my entire family on the edge of our seats was when we found out that Chloe’s mom (spoiler alert) is, in fact, not her real mom, but a deranged woman who kidnapped Chloe the day she was born. This woman then kept feeding her pills so that Chloe would never leave.

Gasps filled the room when my family, the viewing audience, saw Chloe finally escape from this crazy life in Run and go off to college. This sympathetic character at last got to have a life, after all of this time living in a house of horrors.

Run is definitely not a typical family movie, but it is an entertaining and horrifically intense one, none the less.

Take a peek at the trailer for “Run!”

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