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Misery, A Review


Why “Misery” is one of the best horror films to date…

Have you ever been to a cabin in the middle of nowhere? How about one with a supposed fan of your work? One thing that I picked up on after watching the Stephen King film, Misery (1990), is to never trust a total stranger.

With the film, Misery, what makes it so great overall is the suspense, the way that the film keeps getting darker and darker… and yes, Kathy Bates in her role that garnered her an Academy Award is always worth watching.

One of the main reasons that the film Misery is so great is because of the suspenseful themes that run throughout the film. We start in the middle of the road where a writer, played by James Cann, is in a terrible car accident. When he is saved by a supposed guardian angel, and then dragged back to what seems to be her cabin, which happens to be in the middle of nowhere, we soon see that this “guardian angel” is not so angelic after all.

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While Paul Sheldon, which is the main character who gets into the car accident played by James Cann, heals from his injuries, we see him wanting to get back to the real world. What’s holding him back you may ask? Well, just his supposed biggest fan, Annie Wilkes, played by Kathy Bates. While in the care of Annie, Paul soon sees Annie becoming obsessive, and even possessive, of Paul. Her mind turns almost psychotic when Paul starts to get better, which makes her break both of his legs (in an iconic scene that perhaps made every view fear Kathy Bates forever), so she can keep Paul and his famous writing mind which she seems to be so fond of, for herself.

The way that Annie is portrayed by Kathy Bates is so amazingly bizarre, and it seems so real, that it is easy to see why she was showered with awards during the 1991 Awards Season.

From bizarre twists, to even crazier turns, and amazing performances from both Cann and Bates, these are the reasons why Stephen King’s film, Misery (1990) is one of the best horror films to date… not to mention the terrific writing of Stephen King himself.

Check out this amazing trailer for the movie, “Misery!”

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