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8 Horror Reading Recommendations

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Reading Horror Can Be Just As Scary As Watching It!

House of Leaves (2000) by Mark Z. Danielewski is a fantastic novel with a surreal feel, as you are reading it. The book opens with someone being bequeathed a trunk containing a journal depicting the experiences of a family in their new home. They find a door not shown on the blueprints that changes at random. The creative use of white space in this novel is reminiscent of the poetry of ee Cummings. A chapter is read in the “drive-by mix” of Poe’s “Hey Pretty”.

Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places (2016) by Colin Dickey makes for interesting reading, as it covers haunted locations in the U.S. Dickey shares the lore behind each haunting, then offers scientific explanations for ghost sightings. 

Haters Series (2006) by David Moody is a fantastic reading twist on a zombie apocalypse, sans zombies. People, for seemingly no reason, become ruthless killers. A man fights to keep his family safe, as society falls around them. Moody has a knack for creating suspense and tension, while keeping the mystery of the cause throughout the plot. This is a refreshingly grim trilogy that I highly recommend. 

The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead (2007) by Scott Kenemore is a self help book to get in tune with your inner zombie. And, it made for terrific reading material. Part I is the 24 habits of highly effective zombies, covering topics such as “be adaptable”, “succeed as a corporate zombie”, and “rugged individualism”. Part II is a guide to complete zombification in 90 days. It features useful tips on “the silence of zombies” and “letting go of your ego and adopting a zombie’s spirit of cooperation”.

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H.P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction (2016) is the ultimate reading collection for any Lovecraft fans, containing all of his compelling stories. “At the Mountains of Madness”, “The Colour out of Space”, and “The Call of Cthulhu” are just a few of the nearly 70 titles. Lovecraft has a way with building suspense and creating a truly unsettling aesthetic. 

Tales of the Cthulhus Mythos (1969) is a collection of 22 short stories written, or inspired by, H.P. Lovecraft’s unique plots and writing style. Other authors featured for your reading pleasure include Stephen King, Robert Bloch, Philip Josè Farmer, and Clark Ashton Smith.

Cthulhu 2000 (1999) is another collection of short stories that “captures the spirit of Supreme supernatural storyteller H.P. Lovecraft.” This tome for reading features the hypnotically eerie tales of 14 authors, like Harlan Ellison’s “On The Slab.”

Supernatural Horror Short Stories (2017) features 46 titles from authors like Edgar Allen Poe, John Polidori, Michelle Muenzler, H.P. Lovecraft,  Bram Stoker, and H.G. Wells, to list a few. Every story is a dark, twisted horror reading, and all of them contain supernatural elements. 

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