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The Horror Of Ludo


Music by Ludo to hold you over until Halloween!

Ludo is an indie pop punk band, with a wide variety of sounds and themes throughout their discography. Here is a list of their fantastical horror themed songs…

You’re Awful, I Love You (2008) is the second studio album released by Ludo. Named after a line from the single Love Me Dead, the singer’s love is compared to “a parasitic, psycho, filthy creature” with “the mark of the beast… born of a jackal” but he seems smitten with her grotesqueness nonetheless. This album covers a wide range of themes from breakups to pining over lost loves, hooking up with them when they inevitably use you for sex, and a stalker neighbor to name a few. 

Sprinkled into this mix by Ludo is Lake Pontchartrain, which shares the story of a man whose friends were swallowed up by a lake monster (or was it?) in Louisiana, leaving only him alive. It is like the musical version of the first 5 minutes of a Supernatural episode. The tune starts out bouncy with a rushed feel, like the survivor is still riding the adrenaline high from escaping the creature and is desperate for someone to believe his story. Fun fact: In the time it takes to cross the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (24 miles) you can listen to this song 6.94 times! 

A final note of horror from this album by Ludo is the song The Horror of Our Love, about a man who is obsessed with a woman, stalks her down to kill and consume her, only to have her ghost reappear… to drag him to the depths of the ocean. It has a haunting tone that slowly builds with intensity to truly showcase the toxic, obsessive love these two share that destroys them both. Anyone who finds this song romantic is potentially into cannibalism and necrophilia (not intending to kink shame, only to kink-warn). 

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The Broken Bride (2005) album is my personal favorite from these Ludo selections. It is a concept album spanning the adventures of a man who builds an inaccurate time machine after losing his wife in a car accident. His machine first sends him back too far into the past where his safety is threatened by dinosaurs. Another attempt lands him at the other extreme of time to an ongoing zombie apocalypse with an impending dragon come to lay claim to all souls. Again, their songs cover tones from peppy to rock to a lovely closing ballad. The song The Lamb and the Dragon uses an effective guitar solo to signal the approaching stomps of the dragon. 

Prepare the Preparations (2010) is the latest studio album by Ludo, arguably with the best title, which also features some truly inspired theatrical tracks. Each song has a standalone plot and clever lyrics (as Ludo tends to include in most of their music). Too Tired to Wink seemingly follows a dead tired man “sloughing brains” and hanging out with a dullard of a cyclops yet somehow maintains his optimism by stargazing. Another song Cyborg vs Robots is pretty self explanatory: A futuristic tyrannical cyborg police force oppresses robots attempting to fight for their rights. Skeletons on Parade is a more jazzy rallying song beckoning the dead to rise from their graves and parade forth unto a devout town. The hidden track Skeletons Lullaby is a fitting closing song bidding the dead to return to their graves as the sun rises. 

One final song of note and the first new release by Ludo in 10 years, Scare Me (2020) is a bouncy single reminiscent of a horror themed 80s aerobic workout. Ludo composed this single as their annual “HalLUDOween” event was canceled due COVID. The song references just about every type of monster and ghoul, delightful character voices, and a catchy chorus. It is as if simple Halloween fun turned into a run for their lives while maintaining its playful tone. 

Ludo’s songs are all available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most on Amazon Music. They have several music videos available on both their website ludorock.com, social media, and YouTube. 

Take a listen to the song “Scare Me,” by Ludo!

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