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July 2021

run 2020

Run (2020), A Review

The mother-daughter bond in “Run” is nothing like what you would see in “Gilmore Girls.” There is no real happiness between the two.

dead space aftermath

Dead Space: Aftermath, A Review

For a Science Fiction Horror animation like “Dead Space: Aftermath” (2011), it is understandably received with a mixed reception for its disjointed cadaver of animation and plot.

horror for children

Positive And Negative Effects Of Horror

While growing up with scary movies and hiding under the covers with a nightlight is a classic way many children go to sleep at night, there can be long lasting effects of horror and scary themes on children.

the lodge

Religious Themes In Horror: The Lodge

In The Lodge, Grace was the only survivor of a mass suicide inspired by an extremist Christian cult, orchestrated by her father. She is anxious around any religious objects.


5 Real-Life Haunted Places

There are a few real places throughout the world that give people strange, unsettling feelings and overwhelming emotions, due to the strange occurrences that are experienced there. Some of these places are truly haunted.

army of the dead

Army Of The Dead, A Review

“Army of the Dead” hit Netflix just a few months ago on May 21, 2021. In that time, it has been streamed in millions of households across the world.

haunting in connecticut 2

A Haunting in Connecticut 2, An Overview

After not much time at all in “A Haunting In Connecticut 2,” which moves at a good pace, Heidi begins experiencing strange, unnatural events and seeing apparitions and ghosts of individuals who used to reside there.