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Das Schaurige Haus (The Strange House), A Review


Are you ready for a visit to Das Schaurige Haus?

Das Schaurige Haus (2020) tells the story of a family who has just moved to a spooky house in a beautiful rural area of Germany. Sabine, the mother, has just accepted a new job in the area. This creepy house is the only one she could find for herself, her youngest son Eddi, and teenager Hendrik. With all of their belongings packed into a trailer, the trio drive to their new home and settle in. 

As they check out the new place in Das Schaurige Haus, they notice the rough condition and weird energy this house contains. There is salt in front of doorways in the home, which the realtor explains is meant for the snails. The new neighbor isn’t welcoming, and the oldest kid is struggling to get used to this new life of theirs, as he has left his friends and everything he knows behind.

Eddi begins to sleepwalk and speak in Slovenian, a language he does not know, as we move further along in the story of Das Schaurige Haus. He goes into Hendrik’s room and marks up the walls. The scariest thing about these odd nightly occurrences are his eyes, which have gone completely black. It is up to Hendrik to figure out what is going on. While looking for answers he meets a nerdy kid named Fritz. He introduces Hendrik to Ida, a girl that speaks Slovenian. Together they all try to get to the bottom of what or who is haunting their new home and Eddi.

Das Schaurige Haus is mostly just a cute movie with very few scares. It is fairly predictable, but not in a way that makes it ridiculously boring. It’s an easy watch for those who kind of like horror movies but struggle with major scares. If you have kids, this one should be just fine for them. There might be one or two little jump scares, but it’s really just a story of friendship, love, and standing up for some old ghosts who didn’t have anyone in their circle back when they truly needed it.

das schaurige haus

The locations chosen for Das Schaurige Haus were enjoyable to see on screen. The town the family moved to has some gorgeous scenery, and part of the film even takes place inside of a cave which is pretty unique. The acting is strong when it comes to the younger characters, but even the older ones did a decent job. 

It’s clear that Das Schaurige Haus is aimed towards a younger audience. It is still enjoyable at parts and overall just a fun watch. There is mystery and a bit of suspense, but nothing scary enough to keep you up at night. I probably won’t watch it again, but I don’t regret hitting play. This movie was totally fine for a one time viewing. 

The original audio is German. If you struggle staying interested while reading subtitles you can always listen to Das Schaurige Haus in English, but be warned; the English audio track is awful. Assuming that you don’t understand German, you can either turn on the English dub for a better understanding and laugh throughout the film’s entirety, or tough it out and read the subtitles, allowing yourself to enjoy the characters a whole lot more. 

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