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The Babysitter, Overview & Review


If the Netflix horror movie, “The Babysitter,” fell off your radar, then it might be time to check it out...

Cole, played by Judah Lewis (I See You, Summer of 84) in The Babysitter (2017), found it hard to fit in with people because he was a little different. The only person who seemed to get him was his older babysitter Bee, played by Samara Weaving (Ready Or Not, Guns Akimbo, Nine Perfect Strangers). At least, that was the case until the night when everything changed.

After Cole’s parents loaded up the car and pulled out of the driveway, he began to enjoy a fun night with Bee. Eventually, he decided it was time to head upstairs to bed. Before he could hit the hay, his cool babysitter offered him a shot of liquor. Wanting to appear just as cool as her but avoid taking the shot, Cole told Bee to grab a shot for herself, and when she left the room he dumped his own shot out. When she returned he pretended the harsh alcohol had some heat to it. She believed him and Cole headed up to bed.

Apart from his fear of nearly everything, one of the main reasons Cole didn’t take that shot offered in the beginning of The Babysitter was because his school crush Melanie told him what babysitters do at night, when the kids go to bed and have the whole house to themselves. He stayed up late to see if there was any truth to what she had said. Cole heard some of Bee’s friends come into the house so he sneaked out of his room and made his way to a spot where he could see everything but they couldn’t see him. At first everything seemed pretty typical. The teens sat in a circle goofing around and playing a game. This takes a turn pretty quickly when one of the teenagers gets stabbed in the head.

As violence ensues, Cole finds out the hard way that his babysitter Bee belongs to a satanic cult. I guess his parents should have been a little more careful about who they trusted to watch their kid…

Cole runs to his bedroom and tries to get out of the house, but before he can the group heads upstairs to get some virgin blood out of him. Bee tells her friends not to worry about him waking up, thanks to the shot she gave him earlier that evening. Poor little Cole who is scared of everything has to tough it out and not budge, as they take his blood. They all leave the room, but Bee hides out to be sure Cole is asleep. When he gets up to try and escape again, she stops him in his tracks. Bee and her cult won’t quit hunting him, until he is no longer in the way of their messed up hopes and dreams. And, so goes the plot of The Babysitter…


The Babysitter hit Netflix in 2017, and it holds up. People loved it so much that a sequel came out in 2020.

The characters in The Babysitter weren’t as cliche as they could have been, because of the unique circumstances they are thrown into. Sure we’ve probably all seen the hot babysitter look after a nerdy kid, or a narcissistic cheerleader play spin-the-bottle with some hunky jocks, but rarely do they all come together and participate in satanic cult activities that involve harvesting the blood of the innocent.

I didn’t find a single character in The Babysitter to be annoying, unless they were trying to be. Some relationships blossom while others fall apart. Melanie lives in Cole’s neighborhood, so we get to see their relationship become more than a friendship, as the wild events of the night play out… which I found adorable. Good for you kid! Cole is forced to mature quickly and push his fears to the back of his mind to survive the wrath of these teenagers. This new version of Cole is enjoyable to see develop on screen.

The first part of The Babysitter tells a pretty basic tale, but it grows into a weird and crazy story, as soon as that first drop of blood is spilt. As it plays out, you will likely get hooked and want to keep watching to find out what happens to Cole and these greedy teenagers.

There are plenty of funny scenes and jokes throughout The Babysitter, some of which are a little crude. Sexual comments are made quite a few times. There were some pretty unique deaths in the film, not just a bit of stabbing here and a gun shot there. I was glad they switched this up. You should still be prepared for blood and gore.

This is a good film to watch when you just want to turn on something fun. The Babysitter is basically just a slasher and a comedy mixed together. It isn’t too complicated or hard to follow. Just sit back and enjoy!

Check out to trailer for “The Babysitter!”

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