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Historical Haunted Cemeteries


Beware of Ghosts Beyond the Grave in These Spooky Cemeteries

In real life and horror stories or films, cemeteries are common throughout creepy environments, and most individuals feel extremely uncomfortable while being in them. Graveyards throughout the world have been known by several people to be haunted because the feelings of dread most feel when thinking about them or picturing them. The reasons for cemeteries being haunted varies from cemetery to cemetery, but the main reason for most people claiming they are haunted is due to the overwhelming death that lingers in them. However, cemeteries from around the world claim to be haunted due to unmarked graves, grave robberies, and other disturbances made in the soil. Grave disturbances coupled with the dark and somber tones are probably what make most people frightened by them. However, the true reason why cemeteries are thought to be haunted will most likely never be known, or at least not until the existence of ghosts is proven.

There are several graveyards that are scary and have creepy stories surrounding them. However, there are some cemeteries that will take anyone’s breath away in fright from the terrifying feelings that they get from them. This list will discuss the most unsettling and disturbing cemeteries from around the world. Drive by and visit them… if you’re not too scared, of course.

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La Noria Cemetery, Chile (Historical Cemeteries)

At this deserted burial site in Chile the caskets of the dead lay open, exposing the bones of the deceased. Visitors have heard footsteps and screams throughout the cemetery despite nearby locals warning them not to go anywhere near the cemetery or town in general, due to several sightings of zombie-like beings rising from their caskets. The La Noria Cemetery is located in the deserted desert town of Chile that originally was filled with citizens due to the saltpeter prosperity in the land. The town gained wealth through their mining of the saltpeter and trading with other nations such as Britain. However, the town soon became a ghost town with people leaving or dying in the mining claims, only leaving their lonely spirits to wander to town.

Paris Catacombs, France (Historical Cemeteries)

Featured in the supernatural horror film As Above So Below (2014), the Paris Catacombs is home to the bones of millions of people from throughout the years. The catacombs were originally built when heavy rains in the 1700’s flooded the bones of the cemeteries around town and officials decided to throw all the bones in an underground maze filled with tunnels and rooms. Several legends surrounding the catacombs throughout history claim that if one is in them at night, they will hear voices persuading people to travel deeper into the tunnels. While many people claim the catacombs are haunted due to the millions of deceased individuals’ bones thrown in them, others believe the catacombs are home to something more sinister, like demons and devils. In 2017, two teenagers got lost in the tunnels for three days, claiming the spirits told them to go deeper.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, Louisiana USA (Historical Cemeteries)

Throughout Louisiana, due to the high water table, there are more mausoleums than underground cemeteries, which some claim help the spirits make a smoother transition into the afterlife. In the St. Louis Cemetery that is located in Louisiana, one of the few states known for its paranormal activity, many individuals claim the spirit of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau wanders around the mausoleum, pinching strangers and visitors, who her spirit does not believe in the powers of Voodoo. While Marie Laveau died almost 200 years ago, her spirit seems to not want to rest peacefully, and instead travels throughout the cemetery, keeping everyone in check. There are also other spirits known to haunt this cemetery, from Voodoo queens to sailors, making this cemetery one of the most active on this list.

Bonaventure Cemetery, Georgia USA (Historical Cemeteries)

Known to many Americans as one of the most haunted cemeteries in the country, the Bonaventure Cemetery is supposedly home to dozens of restless spirits lurking in the darkness and shadows of the cemetery. The cemetery is filled with creepy bronze and stone statues that many individuals claim to be haunted themselves, with some visitors saying they have seen them smile or grimace in front of them. Most of the mausoleums and headstones are covered in moss from years of exposure to the environment, adding to the ghostly atmosphere of the area. While the cemetery was originally built for the public, many famous musicians and writers have been buried there throughout the years, which some visitors have claimed to see floating down the empty aisles. One of the most frightening and unsettling experiences many visitors have had while walking throughout the cemetery is loud, restless cries of an infant baby.

San Michele Cemetery, Italy (Historical Cemeteries)

The San Michele Cemetery, located on the Italian island of Venice, has been home to the Venetians’ dead loved ones for a little over two centuries, leaving visitors to claim it is one of the most haunted places in the world. Located by an eerie, unsettling lagoon that is within eyesight of the famous city, the creepy floating island of bones leaves even the bravest visitors on edge. Burials on the island stopped only after a layer of bones that was three meters deep prevented people from being able to bury any more bodies there and France during its occupation of the area in the late 1880’s even claimed the conditions on the island were extremely unsanitary. Visitors claim to feel cold breezes and strange presences around them when walking around the island and some visitors even claim to feel hands grabbing them as they leave.

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