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Hottest Horror Films For Summer 2021


Need to cool off from the summer heat? These horror fllms will give you a chill!

Summer is the hottest time of the year, not just for obvious reasons but also for blockbusters. Studios try to put out their hottest films of the year, driving up box office dollars. But sometimes all the heat is a little bit too much, and fans need a little refreshment. And nothing refreshes like a good horror flick that chills you to the bone. And, 2021 promises some of the best chills yet. 

The top ten horror films of the Summer range from all-out-gore fest to psychological thrillers. With this eclectic collection, some will leave you questioning your sanity and others running for the hills.

Don’t be afraid to raise your pulse and lower the temperature. Comprising our top ten, in no particular order, are films Old, Candyman, Don’t Breathe 2, False Positive, Escape Room 2, Til’ Death, Forever Purge, Blood Red Sky, Quiet Place 2, and The Deep House.

10. Our number ten movie to watch is Quiet Place II (2021).

This movie is the long-anticipated sequel to sensory horror Quiet Place (2018). Quiet Place II, released May 21, is the first of our summer chillers. The director Krasinski starts his film with a bit of a history lesson. He rewinds the tape and gives viewers more profound insight into how the world changed in a few hours.  An alien invasion instantly transformed a bustling world and its inhabitants into a Quiet Place. This series of events changed how life is lived, and it altered the characters of those who live it. This film will leave you an emotional wreck. Krasinski artfully drags the audience on a journey with the Abbot family after the harrowing events of Quiet Place. We watch as a mother, Emily Blunt, and her three children struggle for survival in this new world. This is a story with intense moments that promise to get your adrenaline pumping. So If you are looking for something that is a bit of slow burn but increases in intensity, Quiet Place II is the film for you.

9. Our number nine horror movie is False Positive (2021).

False-positive is a bit of a thriller like Rosemary’s baby (1968). Just as Rosemary’s Baby, John Lee’s tale is written around an expectant mother misled into the most unexpected and horrifying situations. In False Positive, released June 8, the audience follows the chronicles of a woman struggling with infertility. Lucy, the main character, finds her husband can give her the desire of their hearts. He directs her to a doctor who can provide the miracle they so desperately desire, a child. And, the miracle doctor delivers. And, Lucy soon discovers she is expecting multiples. Yet, it’s not all good news. And, the one thing that False Positive proves is that all things have a price tag, some of which cost you your sanity. Lee delivers his fans genuine chills as they follow Lucy’s descent into madness. This horror film will have you looking sideways at your doctor and your significant other. If you are looking for a summer thriller that will leave you infuriated and shaking your head, check out False Positive

8. Our number eight horror movie is Forever Purge (2021). 

This film is the fifth film in the series. The movie is a gore fest for sure. The Forever Purge begins supposedly heralding a cessation of purge activities. In fact, in the opening, our characters are coming out from hiding in lockdown after a long bloody night. But, they are pretty surprised to discover the purge isn’t quite over. This time the loons have taken over the asylum. According to news reports in the film, a sizable part of the U.S population has decided that the purge should extend beyond one grotesque night. At the same time, the more cognizant members of society rally to protect themselves and escape the madness. Murder after senseless murder occurs throughout this movie. And, the plot becomes thin by the conclusion. Some fans will find themselves questioning the story-line and the motives of these crazies as the film reaches its apex. The only thing I can say is sometimes horror has no rhyme or reason. So, if you thrive on gore and plots with little meat, this film is definitely for you. 

7. The number seven movie for the summer is Blood Red Sky (2021). 

This movie, recently released on Netflix, provides the fan with a cornucopia of genres. This film has elements of drama, thriller, action, and horror. Blood Red Sky is a terrorist film that melds into horror. Viewers are introduced to a woman and her son. The woman and her progeny are bound for America, as she seeks help for an unexplained ailment. Unfortunately for all, the plane she happens to board is the target of a heist by a group of unwieldy terrorists. But, let’s just say the terrorists get a little more than they expected. The whole trip becomes a bloody mess. And Thorwarth, the director, shows us a side of vampires that are not so enchanting or sparkly. This movie is like Under Siege (1992) meets The Strain (2014). This movie is definitely for those who love a good blood fest mingled with action and thrills. 

6. The number six horror recommendation is Till Death (2021). 

Till Death takes a morbid look at the darker side of matrimony, the title of the movie is a play-on the vow “Until Death; we do part. And if anyone has seen Stephen King’s horror film Gerald’s Game (2017), the plot of this film is eerily similar. In this movie, after a romantic getaway, a wife finds herself attached to her dead husband. But unbeknownst to the wife, her husband had more sinister things in store. And now, she must fight for survival, all the while handcuffed to her dead spouse. This film promises to be a chiller of a thriller and one not to be missed. And if it’s anything like Gerald’s Game, it will be well worth the watch. 

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5. The fifth recommendation for the summer is Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021). 

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? Escape rooms have been all the rage. These rooms represent ultimate puzzles, where a team races against a time, given a few obscure clues, to free themselves. In 2019 Robitel took the ideology of escape rooms to new levels of horror with Escape Room. In a film very reminiscent of the old horror film The Cube (1998), Escape Room was a pleasant surprise with a twist. Now Robitel is back with Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the new participants are teamed with survivors from the last escape room. They must face the ultimate challenges to escape with their lives. If Robitel holds up to the original formula, this film will be the one to watch for the summer.

4. The fourth horror film to watch this summer is the highly anticipated film Old (2021).

Night Shyamalan is the master of twists. And, he has never disappointed. Because of his artistry, we have films like The Sixth Sense (1999), Signs (2002), The Village (2004), The Happening (2008), Devil (2010), and Split (2016). Shyamalan keeps his fans on the edge of their seats. And sometimes, he tantalizes them a bit too much. Then fans scratch their heads at the most unexpected and occasionally tame conclusions. And, now Shyamalan is bringing Old (2021) to the big screen. Old is the story of a family who discovers the reverse fountain of youth. While on vacation, they come across a secluded but lovely beach. But this beach is not as tranquil as it seems. Somehow those who find their way onto its inviting shores age rapidly. Their life passes before them in one day. And while on the surface, it does not seem like your typical scare-fest, the possibility of aging and dying within 24 hours is supremely frightening. This unique story makes it a must-see for summer 2021.

3. Number three on the list of horror movies to see this summer is The Deep House (2021).

This flick is a horror thriller for the current age. A couple who are explorers of sorts book an excursion to view an underwater house in France. They plan to post their experience on social media. But as you can guess, things don’t go quite well. And, they get a lot more than they were bargaining for. This film drives home the age-old saying that some stones are best left unturned. The Deep House is promising. And with hopes, it will have a little more meat than marrow.

2. The second must-see is the sequel to (2016) thriller Don’t Breathe.

No one was quite expecting the story that Fede Alvarez brought to the big screen. A young woman and her compadres make the poor decision to rob a blind guy. And what promises to be an easy score goes horribly wrong in a matter of minutes. Don’t Breathe turns into one of the scariest cat and mouse games in cinematic history. Our monster, the blind man, is one of the most ruthless hunters to grace the screen. And, the mice caught in his maze are most unprepared for the challenge. And, now Sayagues is bringing audiences Don’t Breathe:2 (2021) with Alvarez as producer. According to sources, this time, the tables are turning. The blind man was the biggest monster of them all; he now has a bit of a challenge. So, one can just imagine the horrors that will unfold when the ultimate hunter meets his match.

1. The number one horror movie to watch this summer is none other than Candyman (2021).

Candyman is the sequel that no one quite asked for but that everyone wants to see. This sequel comes almost 30 years after the original Candyman (1992). Tony Todd horrified audiences with his depiction of urban myth and blood-fiend Candyman. In this new film, it is once again blind ignorance that brings back the unimaginable horror personified. In this new film, the legend becomes an obsession of a young artist. And unwittingly, his obsession takes the best of him, and he unleashes an unexpected terror. Can anyone say blood fest here we come?

This summer, as hot as it may get, there are quite a few chillers sure to cool off audiences and solicit a few scares in the process. So keep your eyes open, your pearls close and get ready for the horror fest of your life.

Check out this trailer for “Candyman!”

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