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Top 3 Evil Cars in Horror Movies

Evil Cars

No More Driving After Watching These Horror Films Featuring Evil Cars

Evil cars have a special place in the horror genre. Believe it or not a haunted car actually sounds frightening. Some may think it’s a stupid idea and it seems silly for a car to be haunted, but could you imagine the many ways you could be tortured or killed by a possessed vehicle. Here are the top 3 evil and killer cars in horror movies. 

Christine (1983) – Based on the Stephen King novel, and directed by John Carpenter, Christine features the most famous horror movie vehicle of all time. The film features a nerd, Arnie, who yearns to become popular, so he buys a red 1958 Plymouth Fury. Soon, Arnie develops a strange relationship with the car and he learns that the car has a mind of its own. When he finds out the evil car starts killing people he determines to put a stop to Christine once and for all. 

Evil Cars

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The Car (1977) – A strange black evil car haunts a small town in Utah and begins by killing two bicyclists. Sheriff Wade Parents is called to the scene and investigates and finds that one of his employees was killed and witnesses say it was the black car with no person driving behind the wheel. Parents and the help from the town come together to defeat the murderous vehicle. 

Maximum Overdrive (1986) -Inspired by the short story “Trucks”, this Stephen King film follows a group of survivors at a truck stop when a comet causes all machines to become “alive” and all the cars develop a taste for homicide. The main villain is a Western Star 4800 tractor unit, mostly identified by the massive Green Goblin mask on the grill, and a Happy Toyz logo on the black trailer.

Evil Cars

Maximum Overdrive (1986) Original Movie Trailer

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