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CosplayFlex Available At Hobby Lobby Stores Nationwide


Cosplaying just got a lot easier

If you love cosplaying and making your own costumes for Halloween, then your passion is about to become more accessible. The material known as Cosplayflex is a popular one-of-a-kind thermoplastic used by creators to make homemade costumes. The material can be used to create armor, props, costumes, and accessories of all kinds, but it has been hard to come by for many years. Cosplayers and creators alike can now rest assured because you can now get Cosplayflex at your local Hobby Lobby stores across the nation.

For those unfamiliar with Cosplaying, it’s a fun and creative way for fans of any medium, whether it be television, comic books, video games, etc., to showcase your love and connectedness with a character or fandom through your creativity. We’ve all seen footage of the yearly Comicon events with hundreds of fans roaming around in personalized costumes. With the popular costume-making material coming to Hobby Lobby stores, fans and creators no longer have to struggle in finding materials. Instead, they now have easy access to the popular thermoplastic to make their passions more attainable.

The material is made in Germany and distributed across the United States by the company Goods for Geeks. They are a family-owned distribution and manufacturing company that provides crafts supplies of the highest quality to creators across North America. The company was founded in 2018. They operate out of Fort Collins, Colorado, through their retail store, The Life of the Party.


On the deal made with Hobby Lobby, the popular crafts store brand Goods for Geeks co-owner Brandon Lily had this to say; “As a long-time cosplayer myself, I understand the difficulty that comes with sourcing the right material for my builds. There have been a lot of sleepless nights leading up to this point, but it’s been an amazing experience bringing a product I love and trust to the general public through Hobby Lobby.” 

Cosplayflex is a different substance from other thermoplastics cosplayers may find on the market. Its reputation comes from its unique sculpting and modeling properties that can be shaped and reshaped with simple heat application. Basically, anyone with a hairdryer can use this stuff. In addition, Cosplayflex is also non-toxic, easy to handle for beginner use, and can be painted and lacquered without the use of a primer. It’s perfect for making all of your fan-based items.


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