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Secret Sesh’ First Live Event Since 2019

Secret Sesh

A Private Halloween Event in Los Angeles!

The Southern California cannabis event coordinator, Secret Sesh, has announced their first live event since the COVID-19 pandemic happened in 2019. This private event is set to occur in Los Angeles, California on October 23, 2021, just a few days before Halloween. The event will be an immersive experience happening at the music and art park, Wisdome. The design of the event seems to be similar to a festival focusing on music, cannabis, art, and community, with Halloween themes to make the event extra exciting. The Halloween event will bring together a variety of cannabis companies throughout Southern California and numerous art installations from artists around the area.

Secret Sesh, founded by Tim Brown, began hosting private recreational cannabis gatherings all around Southern California. These gatherings started in humble AirBnb locations and friends’ houses, but quickly evolved into much more. Expanding to public recreational cannabis gatherings, like the private Halloween event this year, and larger mansions to festival grounds and nightclubs, Secret Sesh has earned quite the reputation in recreational cannabis events. Not only is Secret Sesh providing a safe and welcoming community to enjoy cannabis culture, but they are creating an immersive cannabis experience bringing together various cannabis brands, games, and even delicious Southern California food trucks.

With this in mind, the private Halloween event set to occur late October is sure to bring all of these amazing aspects of Secret Sesh together for the ultimate scary experience. Featuring twenty of award winning California cannabis companies and numerous acclaimed artists with never seen art installations, this event is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. As most Secret Sesh events include food trucks, it will be likely that the event will have a variety of the best food trucks from around Southern California to accompany the award winning cannabis.

Secret Sesh

Some of the brands that have been announced for the Halloween event include the following: Alien Labs, The Cure Company, STIIIZY, Buddies Brand, and many others. These companies have been confirmed as sponsors and retail partners of the event and will be selling and providing cannabis for the members attending the event. Many of these companies will also likely be doing games and activities for members attending. The goal of the event is to provide an exceptional marijuana experience, something out of the ordinary and with the brands and art set to be there, the event is guaranteed not to disappoint.

While there has not been much talk about what spooky things will be happening at the event, it is safe to assume that some members will be dressed up for the creepy occasion with Halloween just around the corner.

To attend the Secret Sesh’s private Halloween event, all guests have to purchase a trial membership with Secret Sesh. This membership includes a one day pass to Secret Sesh’s October event with the option for VIP access.

Secret Sesh

Secret Sesh Returns to Los Angeles October 23rd 2021

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