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The Curse of the Black-Eyed Children

Black-Eyed Children

A knock on the door late at night may reveal a pair of soulless eyes staring through the peephole…

Getting closer to Halloween stirs up all kinds of terrifying legends hidden in history. There are countless myths that go in and out of circulation, but there is a particularly bone-chilling tale that stands the test of time. Maybe it’s the fact that evil is flirting with innocence, or maybe it’s how realistic and frightening the idea is at 3 o’clock in the morning. Whatever the case, this myth still haunts the people who hear a lonely knock on their door at night.

Most sources relate the beginning of this legend back to Texas Reporter Brian Bethel in 1996, when he wrote about his alleged encounters with two of the children in Abilene, Texas. Through connections with other people, similar events have been reported by other people around the United States, and likely around the world.

In 2014, the British news tabloid Daily Star ran a story called “GHOST TERROR: ‘Black Eyed Child’ spotted in UK for first time in 30 years.” The story sparked gossip and terror across the world, supposedly revealing the sightings of a peculiar little girl in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, an area already infamous for paranormal encounters. The humanoid figure allegedly resembled a child, doting deep black eyes with no irises. As soon as she was located after hearing what sounded like screaming, she disappeared once again.

Black-Eyed Children

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So, what exactly is a black-eyed child and how do you know when you’ve encountered one? 

Black-eyed children are said to be from ages 6 to 16-years-old, sometimes appearing in groups or by themselves. Wherever you are, they will catch your attention however they can, whether it be a scream or a faint knock on the door. At first, they seem sweet and innocent, but suddenly the atmosphere feels dense, as if something evil is lurking close by. The children do not look dangerous, though, at least not in the beginning… 

After the bad feeling sets in, something is noticeably very wrong with the child/children. It is almost as if they can read your mind as they slowly look up to reveal purely black holes where their sweet, innocent eyes should be. There will be a sensation guiding you toward the door, almost as if their gaze is hypnotic enough to control your mind and actions. It can be difficult to break this haze, but it is quite important that you do. Make sure to shut the door, lock it, and no matter what, do not let them inside with you. 

Since Bethel’s encounter and the story in Daily Star, there have been countless reports of black-eyed children who lurk on deep country roads at ungodly hours, awaiting their next victim. Are they demons, ghosts, aliens, monsters, or simply humanoid beings that inhabit the world around us? Nobody is sure because the figures disappear in a matter of seconds. Until there is solidified proof of this phenomenon, the children will remain a part of scary stories told around campfires late at night. 

Black-Eyed Children

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