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Creepshow Season 3


A Treat For The Boys And Ghouls....

Creepshow (2021)  is in its third season, running on the horror platform Shudder. The creepy anthology serves its viewers a variety of delectable tales of terror weekly. And although each episode is divided into two 25-minute segments, each bite-sized morsel is more than enough to tantalize the palate.

The Terror Begins

Creepshow began its reign of terror over the airways in September of 2019. And after a fantastic debut, the show was picked up for a second and then a third season. And it doesn’t hurt that Greg Nicotero, horror maven, sits at the helm as executive producer and as an all-around creative contributor. Nicotero, the creative known for his work on Walking dead (2010), also lends his genre expertise as makeup director and writer to Creepshow

The Bloody Roots

This is not an entirely new work, as most fans are aware. Creepshow is instead a revamp, a shout-out to Stephen King and Romero’s work. In 1982 creative director Romero of Night of the Living Dead  (1968) masterfully brought to life the dark imaginings of Stephen King. Because of that creative direction, the wild crypt keeper with his bag of macabre tales amused and treated fans to frightening stories. Amazingly these tales were inspired by horror comics dating back to the ’50s. And now, fast forward to the fall of 2021, and Nicotero continues to breathe life into the works.



To fans’ delight, Shudder is currently running season three of the popular series on their platform. The series is three episodes along and already it’s been quite a ride. With new and reimagined tales of horror, the anthology never disappoints. There is a bit of something for everyone, from nature lovers to those with a penchant for collecting horror relics. The series keeps viewers glued to their seats. And our expired friend, the Crypt Keeper, relishes every bit. 

Where There Is Dark There Is Light

 Some of the offerings may be a lot to shake off.  But to the keen eye, there is always a moral or two to be gleaned from the terrifying shorts. I guess the truth of the matter is there is always a silver lining, even in the darkest periods. One must open the mind to the lessons. In the opening, viewers will find that mums have never been so special. And unfortunately, being a fanatic can be a bit of a buzzkill. The morals and terror intertwine. And in a particular praiseworthy episode of all things horror, viewers learn that not all skeletons stay in the closet. While another warns that hatred has transformative power. 

The fan-favorite is now halfway through the season, with three more episodes remaining. And yet, there is no inkling whether this will be the final season or if there is another in the works. But there is no need to panic. There is so much more left to enjoy. So, if you’re looking for a few spine-tinglers, new episodes air every Thursday night. 


Creepshow (2021) Season 3 Official Shudder Trailer

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